Crossfit with Curves

Crossfit with Curves

One of our lovely members wrote this great blog about how someone with curves trains at CrossFit. We hope you enjoy it! - Jeremy

Or How I train with big boobs

Hi, I’m Kat and I’ve been doing Crossfit for just over a year. I started to help get back into shape after having a baby and have absolutely loved it. The only problem that keeps cropping up is my large cleavage. According to Google, the average cup size in the UK is 36D. At the time of writing this I’m wearing a 34G and at the height of child rearing I reached 36L. This obviously leads to some issues and I thought I’d share them here along with the solutions I’ve come up with along the way.

2018-01-31 14.41.18.jpg

1) Get a Good Sports Bra

Total no brainer. None of us are stupid so I’m only mentioning it for complete-ism. Odd sizes (like smaller band with large cups) can be trickier to get in store, I found mine online after watching a few reviews. Shop around and don’t be afraid to send them back if they don’t feel right. There’s nothing worse than spending a lot of money on something that doesn’t work for you.

2) Don’t Struggle

Due to the size of my cleavage there are certain movements that are physically impossible. Prime example is a warm up where everyone was lying on their chest rolling a lacrosse ball into the front their shoulder. I try it and the ball simply rolls away as I can’t get my shoulder close enough to the ground. The thing I’ve learned about Crossfit is there are always options. If you find yourself in a similar situation tell the coach and they’ll find another way. In this instance I moved to the rig and did the same exercise standing.

3) Good Form

When you are half way through a Metcon it can be hard to keep perfect form but I’ve found it especially troublesome with a large cleavage. There is so much less leeway of form when you have to work around big boobs. Slack off a little and Sumo Deadlift High Pulls can become rather painful when the kettle bell bounces off your boobs hard enough to leave bruises. It’s important to try and be as consistent as possible to avoid this kind of thing.

4) Take Advantage

On the up side, a large cleavage can make certain moves easier. Anything where you have to touch your chest to something gives you several more inches to work with than anyone else. This can give the advantage of either doing reps faster or saving energy as you don’t have to go down as far. True, you also have to carry extra weight to start with but you have to think of it as swings and round-a-bouts.

5) Suck it Up

Unfortunately, there are certain movements where your boobs with always be an issue. Lifting a bar overhead I’m often aware that my cleavage is in the way and I can’t get a perfect line. As there is nothing I can do about that I have to adjust to accommodate for it instead. A lot of the time it’s a matter of carrying on and not giving up just because of the inconvenience biology has given you. However, if you’re willing to occasionally hit yourself in the boobs then, Crossfit can be loads of fun and a great way to get in shape and meet amazing people. I’m not going to stop and I hope you don’t either.

I hope my random musing have been entertaining and I hope to see you at the Box soon.

Why you should enter the CrossFit Games

Why you should enter the CrossFit Games


I wanted to write something to respond to comments I always get when encouraging people to enter the CrossFit Open. These are usually the following:

I'm not fit enough

The Open does include 5 tough workouts that you need to complete. This is a chance for you to test yourself and set a standard that you can compare yourself with in years going forward. If you cap out for time or can't complete every movement one year then you can make it your goal to get these done in the future. What is going to be better than looking back a year and seeing how far you've come.


I can't do Muscle ups, pull ups, Toes to Bar etc..

You know what, there's a lot of movements in CrossFit that a lot of people that enter the Open cannot do. All you need to do is look at previous years where people had to do handstand push ups or pull ups and check out how many scores stop at the point at which these are required. There is always a scaling option and Dave Castro (who sets the workouts) is clever in that if he programmes a tough movement even in the scaling option he sets that towards the end of the workout so that athletes will generally complete all the workout up to the point where they need to do the toughest movement. Last year it was pull ups in one workout and handstand push ups in another. So what if you have to spend the last 5 minutes of a workout trying to do one rep of a movement? What a great time to complete your first Pull up!! This is the time to try and achieve amazing PRs. Last year I notched up a PR snatch in one event. Just because the event forced me to try it! It's amazing what you can achieve when forced to try!!

I can't do the weights?

Well let's just check that fact. Last year these were the scaled weights for the workouts:


Men needed a 15kg Dumbbell Snatch. Ladies 10kg. Men over 60 needed 10kg.


Men needed a 15kg Dumbell Lunge and Power Clean, Ladies 10kg. Men over 60 need 10kg


Men 20kg Squat Snatch, Ladies and Men over 60, 15kg


Mens Deadlift 65kg, Ladies and Men over 60 45kg


Mens Thurster 30kg, Ladies and Men over 60 20kg

Even if there's one workout you can't complete (maybe Snatch??) if you complete even the 6 reps prior you still have a score. In 12 months you'll see this and wonder what the fuss was about on that weight!!

Can't I just do it without registering?

Well of course you can. But there's something really special about seeing your name on the same leaderboards as great CrossFit athletes like Matt Fraser and Tia Claire Toomey.  Plus making it official just seems to add that extra spice to your workout. My best example is You can run a race distance without entering a race but it's just not the same!

So stop making excuses and sign up here!!! 

Want more reasons? Check out this blog at

Hollow me out!

Hollow me out!

Learning how to work your core muscles effectively can be a real pain in the neck or back– literally!

Never suffer from a lack of core strength again!

The Hollow Body Position

First and foremost, hollow body work helps you build core strength-endurance, something which is absolutely necessary for more advanced work of any kind. In addition, learning the hollow body teaches you how to shape your entire body as one unit. This is an absolute prerequisite for attaining more advanced bodyweight strength and even better posture. 

To begin learning how to perform hollow body holds, lie down on your back with your arms by your side and legs bent. For this bent hollow body shape, press your lower back into the floor by drawing your belly button “down” and “in.” With your midsection tight, lift your shoulders off the floor by elongating your spine and actively contracting your abs. Also, lift your legs and keep your knees bent or legs straddled apart, ensuring that your feet are just a few inches above the floor. Note the details: elbows are locked, legs are bent or straddled, and toes are pointed.

How long can you hold this position? Do not let your lower back come up off the floor! The entire purpose of a hollow body hold is to challenge all the muscles in the front of your core: diaphragm, abdominals, hip flexors, quads, and more. Any weakness in this anterior chain will result in a loss of shape: shoulders too low, back arching, or legs lifting too high. Push yourself! There is very little risk of injury when performing hollow body holds, so really dig deep and focus on developing work capacity through willpower and discipline!

If you can hold the bent or straddled hollow body position with excellent technique, then it is time to try a full hollow body hold. Keep everything the same from the previous drills, but this time extend your arms straight and overhead, keeping your legs straight and together. You should feel the workload effectively double on your core, and now you really have to fight to prevent your back from arching or your legs from dropping. Stay up! This is the exact kind of core strengthening that pays huge dividends for your future training.

  1. Just like you need to learn to count before you can add, hollow body holds are a mandatory prerequisite for more advanced bodyweight gymnastic strength.
  2. Begin in a bent hollow body shape by bending your knees or straddling your legs. Be sure to keep your arms down by your side.
  3. Challenge yourself further with the full hollow body positions with arms overhead and legs straight.

At Crossfit Chiltern we have a range of members from Running athletes, new mums, brand new exercisers and people who have been a member of a gym for years and never seen results. Our programming is structured and progressive so you can see just how far you have come in such a short space of time.

We have recently launched our hybrid membership packages that combine 1:1 coaching with our crossift classes which means you can benefit from the 1:1 aspect of a highly experienced coach and still enjoy the motivating community we have down at CrossFit Chiltern.






Posture Correction

Posture Correction

Sports massage and correcting posture

Since working at cross fit Chiltern I have treated a number of different patients due to their life style and type of work. Firstly, I would like to speak about office workers and the KYPHOTIC pose, as an office worker you are spending anything from 5 to 8 hours a day sat at a desk and feel a lot of strain on the upper body. When I mention the Kyphotic pose it is most common in office workers as sitting in an abnormal position will push the shoulder blades forward and getting an excessive curve in the thoracic spine, start of the kyphotic pose, meaning you will get an aching pain around the mid back (thoracic spine) and the shoulders and of course this will then be moving towards to neck and can cause a lot unnecessary stress on our body’s. To help keep the body in a natural position we need to think about how we sit with the correct posture, so remember to be upright and try to keep the core muscles activated as this will help with your posture problems. Myofascial release (foam rolling) is one of the best tools we can use to help with any sort of problems. Kyphotic pose , the myofascial release we ease the tension on the back by simply foam for 5-10 minutes a day thus easing strain on the back and shoulders.

If you are finding it hard to keep on top of the myofascial release then why not try a Sports Massage, I have regular clients that book in to help release with stress and physical training. Sports massage and Deep tissue massage has been proven to help maintain good posture, stress relief and to boost for performance in sports activity. I have been working as a sports massage therapist for many years and even I go to see another therapist for deep tissue every 2-4 weeks to help release tension and general better feeling within myself. If any members are suffering from aches pains or even any form of stress I’m available any evening during the week and Saturdays from 9am to 12pm.