Workout for Dana

This week the members completed a team workout for Dana. One of our younger members who was in Switzerland this week for surgery on cancer that had returned. We wanted to give her something to cheer her up and let her know we were thinking of her. The good news is the surgery went well and Dana was very grateful for all the support! 

See you soon Dana!!

Hollow me out!

Learning how to work your core muscles effectively can be a real pain in the neck or back– literally!

In this weeks blog, Coach Roman explains why we need to perform “The Hollow” position to help improve all of your CrossFit movements.

Never suffer from a lack of core strength again!

The Hollow Body Position

First and foremost, hollow body work helps you build core strength-endurance, something which is absolutely necessary for more advanced work of any kind. In addition, learning the hollow body teaches you how to shape your entire body as one unit. This is an absolute prerequisite for attaining more advanced bodyweight strength and even better posture. 

To begin learning how to perform hollow body holds, lie down on your back with your arms by your side and legs bent. For this bent hollow body shape, press your lower back into the floor by drawing your belly button “down” and “in.” With your midsection tight, lift your shoulders off the floor by elongating your spine and actively contracting your abs. Also, lift your legs and keep your knees bent or legs straddled apart, ensuring that your feet are just a few inches above the floor. Note the details: elbows are locked, legs are bent or straddled, and toes are pointed.

How long can you hold this position? Do not let your lower back come up off the floor! The entire purpose of a hollow body hold is to challenge all the muscles in the front of your core: diaphragm, abdominals, hip flexors, quads, and more. Any weakness in this anterior chain will result in a loss of shape: shoulders too low, back arching, or legs lifting too high. Push yourself! There is very little risk of injury when performing hollow body holds, so really dig deep and focus on developing work capacity through willpower and discipline!

If you can hold the bent or straddled hollow body position with excellent technique, then it is time to try a full hollow body hold. Keep everything the same from the previous drills, but this time extend your arms straight and overhead, keeping your legs straight and together. You should feel the workload effectively double on your core, and now you really have to fight to prevent your back from arching or your legs from dropping. Stay up! This is the exact kind of core strengthening that pays huge dividends for your future training.

  1. Just like you need to learn to count before you can add, hollow body holds are a mandatory prerequisite for more advanced bodyweight gymnastic strength.
  2. Begin in a bent hollow body shape by bending your knees or straddling your legs. Be sure to keep your arms down by your side.
  3. Challenge yourself further with the full hollow body positions with arms overhead and legs straight.

At Crossfit Chiltern we have a range of members from Running athletes, new mums, brand new exercisers and people who have been a member of a gym for years and never seen results. Our programming is structured and progressive so you can see just how far you have come in such a short space of time.

We have recently launched our hybrid membership packages that combine 1:1 coaching with our crossift classes which means you can benefit from the 1:1 aspect of a highly experienced coach and still enjoy the motivating community we have down at CrossFit Chiltern.






How to clean up your Clean!

Olympic lifting movements can be the most frustrating of the CrossFit exercises. Their complexity can take months to learn.

Understanding the central nervous system has to learn the movement patterns before it becomes second nature can take time. Then once your body has learnt the movement sequence it has to put it all together with great technique and heavy load, and then quickly! WOW! Overload…… 

At Crossfit Chiltern we coach a number of our members through our foundation programme with the basic knowledge on how to perform these lifts.  Progression with Olympic lifting can take time and whilst you are practising it can be frustrating when it doesn’t all come together.  This weeks blog highlights some areas that you may be able to relate too and offers some advice for improvement.

Have you ever left the class feeling like;

·         Your forearms are on fire and feel like they are going to explode

·         Your neck feels tight and overworked

·         The bar is just not travelling vertically and it all just feels to slow or too heavy

·         You are not able to progress with your weights and you’ve been trying for ages

·         You leave the class and feel like you have not progressed in a while…?

As coaches we can help you to correct some common faults.

Coach Roman explains in the video how important the setting up of the clean is for a good lift. If the bar is too heavy, the arms, back and knees are not set correctly the movement sequence will be floored causing you to pull with the arms and neck rather than driving vertically from the hips.

One of the key points is to slow down with your Olympic lift, don’t rush to pull the bar from the floor there is a time to explode with the bar to execute your best one rep max!

Our coaches at Crossfit Chiltern can teach you the sequences your body needs to learn to get stronger and faster with Olympic lifting.

We offer individual coaching sessions starting with just half an hour to give you basic improvement and tips to improve.

In addition to this, we offer one hour sessions and small blocks with discounts for our members.

Having a coach can be an invaluable experience that can speed up your progress.

Book a session today. Email our coaches at

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