Roman Swiatly is CrossFit Chiltern's newest coach and personal trainer

Roman Swiatly is CrossFit Chiltern's newest coach and personal trainer

I’ve been a fitness coach for three years now. I graduated at the Academy of Physical Education and Sport in Gdansk where I specialised in personal training (PT) . After three years of studying I became a PT and PE teacher.

I have always had a strong bond with sport sinceI was a kid .Team sports, sailing, snowboarding, gymnastics, judo and others. I can’t imagine life without physical activity.  I once worked in the three rope park ‘Kolibki Adventure Park Gdynia’ as an instructor where I was responsible for trainingpeople to use zip lines, quad bikes, off roading and paintball.

Two years ago one of my friends introduced me to CrossFit. I was exhausted after my first session and fell in love with it.  Right after that I decided to do CrossFit level 1 course.

I am known for my physical capabilities and promoting physical activity as a holistic way of life. I think that I have a knack for gymnastics, that’s my thing and I would like to share it with people.

One of my strengths is being a problem solver, I think because I’m a patient person and I have individual approach towards every person. To solve problems people need to communicate with each other in an effective way and I believe I am able to do that well.

Professionally I am most passionate about CrossFit. I want to be best coach I can possibly become and develop my coaching skills constantly.

The most exciting prospect for me working at CrossFit Chiltern is the fact that I can share my knowledge and skills with people. It is a great pleasure to teach people and to be able to see how they evolve, not only physically but also mentally.

One of my passions outside of the CrossFit box is food!! I love to cook and eat. I spend loads of time in the kitchen. It’s my way to meditate followed by enjoying the food! When I’m not working you are most likely to find me in my kitchen, in the forest or on a trip to visit places. In the winter it would be the mountains!

CrossFit and an active lifestyle is what I live for and I’m really glad that I can be a part of CrossFit Chiltern and help to make people more efficient, healthy and happy. I will put all of my effort to be the best coach and support for anyone that comes to the box. When I see your smiling faces after workout -it is priceless! It’s this that gives me the energy to be with you and do what I really love!!