Everybody should be deadlifting! This exercise is one of, if not the most fundamental exercises that should be included in any programme for strength, muscle gain, improved core stability and fat loss.

Most of us in this day and age are dominant through the front of our bodies, due to seated desk or driving positions. This is causing our lower backs to become weaker, along with our abdominal & core muscles and our bodies become imbalanced.

On top of this, an unstructured training plan that includes a ton of squats, a heap of spinning classes, press ups and crunches on the floor can escalate muscle imbalances and poor posture.  

Challenge the biggest muscle groups…

The deadlift exercise hits all of the biggest muscle groups in the whole body, primarily strengthening the muscle groups at the back of the body, which become weak through daily life (Glutes, Hamstrings, Lats). In addition to these muscle groups it works the trunk/core muscles, quadriceps and trapezius muscles. That’s a whole lot of muscles all working synergistically. Including deadlifts in your weekly training routine means you will be able to move better, have improved posture, stronger core muscles, increased strength and flexibility.

Technique is critical for maximum results…

Lifting with correct technique is of upmost importance with any exercise and the deadlift is NO exception! From the moment you step up to the bar, putting your feet into the correct position, placing your grip to the barbell and lowering your hips, keeping your chest lifted and bracing your whole core (including your glutes) to prepare for the lift are all equally as important as each other.

Once you have mastered the correct technique you can progress with your weight and also variations of the deadlift to maximise muscle gains or increase fat loss.

Having a coach will enable you to increase your body awareness and technique when lifting and help you to progress to heavier lifts and overall strength. If you have deadlifted before and felt unstable or had any kind of pain through the back or have felt the muscles working harder at the front of your body, then it may be time for you go over your technique for self improvement.

elly - CrossFit Coach and Personal Trainer

Our coaches are now booking 1:1 technique sessions within their own specialist areas for anyone looking to focus on and master a specific movement or challenging exercise, such as the deadlift, outside of group training.

Members can book via the app http://bit.ly/2aY61Na. Alternatively call the box on 01494 726447 to find out more. Also until 30 November receive 10% off 1:1 technique sessions!