Motivation is the heart of CrossFit programming. The CrossFit workout is designed to push you to your limits every session. The whiteboard with the WOD and results are there to fire you up throughout the whole session. Competition begins when you see other members’ results. It gives you motivation and energy to overcome your limits, because as human beings, we naturally compare ourselves with others and have the desire to be better.

How to stay motivated, CrossFit Chiltern, Amersham

Working out in small groups gives us great opportunities to max out. It’s also a great opportunity to hang out with your ‘box’ friends, meet new people, share energy and emotions, cheer each other on during the workout of the day - That’s the essence of CrossFit.

To stay motivated it's good to have a plan:

Goals and measuring progress

You need to know where you’re going and have a plan to achieve your aims and goals. If you would like to do more pull-ups you need to plan to work at it three times per week, starting with small steps and increasing your capacity every day. It won’t take you long to do 20 strict pull ups in a row if you work hard.

If you would like to burn some fat, it's good to think about your diet. No sweets or a bottle of wine every Friday. You can swap to 3 glasses per week with a good meal. Once again, if it’s hard to resign straight away - work on it gradually. Remember to check your results and progression. Record everything from plan to results. Things written on a paper/or wherever /become more real.

Moving forwards and mental strength

If you plan to have a workout today but you don't feel like going and you don't have power.....just stand up and go!

You don't have to do everything on the highest weights or RX. You can be more focused on technique that day. It's amazing for your muscle memory and trains your brain!!! I think it's better to go and do something then stay at home. You will meet people in the box- they will give you energy and next session will be easier for you.

I don't know how about you, but I always feel good after session! Switch off the inner voice that says that you not going make it. That’s not true. It’s your weakness talking. Be mentally strong. Think positive. Visualize your goals and visualize yourself as the best possible version! Keep moving forward!

Get out of your comfort zone!

Move your barriers. Make uncomfortable comfortable! Is it hard to get up in the morning, leave your warm bed and go to the box? If you don’t go, then you feel even worse. You will have pangs of conscience. Next time open your eyes, sit down and say: I can do this! Day by day it's going to be easier!

Would you like to lose weight but find it's too hard to resist a chocolate bar? Try eating a small bit of chocolate 2 times per week and forthe rest of the week replace with apples, almonds, peanut butter. Small steps, but you are going forward!

Meet your CrossFit buddy

Meet your friends. Go for a walk, do something new, change your environment. Refresh your muscles and mind. Grab the wind in your sails. Make your everyday life more interesting. Don't get lost in daily routine!

Take a brake and reward yourself

Rest days and regeneration is really important. Give your muscles and mind time to refresh. Go somewhere, spend time actively or just stay at home, lay on comfy couch with something good to eat and with good movie. If you feel that you gave 100% while working on your plan - reward yourself  If you missed some goals, it's a good time to think what can you fix and do better next time.

Remember, in CrossFit you are never alone! You have great people around you with a coach in the lead. They will always help you and give you support! Never give up, stay strong!

Coach Roman - CrossFit Chiltern Coach