Many exercises can be done at home without trainer. All you need is a little bit of space. Important... Remember to hide your priceless porcelain!


It’s one of the best examples of a gymnastic exercisethat you can perform at home. Pay attention to yourmid-line stabilization – you should be in a straight line: starting from your ankles to the top of your head. With every rep chest you should touch the ground and elbows should be driven close to your rib cage with full range of motion.


If you have a pull-up bar mounted in your door frame or somewhere on the wall you are ready to go! Full grip on the bar, active shoulders and keep nice hollow position. Once again- full range of motion.

Air squat

This is a fundamental movement of CF . You can practice wherever you like: kitchen, living room, even in bathroom ;p if you wish. If you work at home and you spendloads of time sitting in front of the computer it is something for you. Smash quick set of couple reps of air squat.

Remember about technique: bodyweight on your heals, shoulder width wide stance, sat your hips back and down, open your knees and go just below the top of your knees-stay active, chest up- rib cage locked down, stand up, squeeze your glutes, quads and abs.


Grab a couple books from your home library. Put them on your left and right side and you are ready to start! Keep your knees straight, squeeze your abs and lock your elbows.


Use a small pillow. Put the pillow under your loins (you can use a jumper or small blanket as well). Set up your legs in butterfly position – bend your knees and contact your soles together. Remember to keep your spine in a straight line in a full range of motion.


You can practice them everywhere because you can do walking lunges or do them on the spot. Keep a 90 degree angle in your knees , chest up and stand up from your heel.

Roman - CrossFit Chiltern Coach