Unlike any other fitness programme, gym or bootcamp, the programme at CrossFit Chiltern is results-driven and workouts are based on constantly varied and functional movements which are performed at relatively high intensity, reflecting the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more.  

So what do we mean when we talk about functional movements?

Basically its the movements that we perform as part of our normal daily lives such as squatting, pulling, pushing etc. To give you an idea of the sorts of exercises we do, here are five we are great particularly if you are a beginner:

Push up: push ups are a great exercises for engaging the core and upper body they are used a lot in cross fit and are easy to practice either at home or at your local box.

CrossFit Chiltern - exercises for beginners, amersham

Air squat: Great for the lower body and engaging our posterior chain (quads/hamstrings/calves, soleus)

Strength and conditioning exercises, amersham

Pull ups: With this exercise we are targeting the upper body and arms. Pulling your own body weight can be challenging as part of a WOD.

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Ab mat sit ups: Using the ab matt we are isolating the abdominal muscles to build stronger abs and building core strength.

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Burpees: There is no easy way around a burpee. Its an explosive full body move and used effectively in many workouts.

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In my own experience I find these five exercises really beneficial and, because they are part of normal daily life, sometimes you perform a movement without realising at work or home. The more we exercise and work out the better our bodies will ultimately function!

Coach James