If your overhead mobility is limited then you are always going to be compromised when you train. Overhead squats, snatches, overhead pressing and even pull ups are going to made harder by this limitation. 

A common mistake people make when trying to fix this is by only working on shoulder mobility in the shoulder joint itself. They work the lats and purely stretch the shoulder. Firstly this won't give you the best results for mobility but more importantly even if you can increase your mobility by doing this you may be putting your shoulder at risk of injury if you increase the joint mobility without fixing the position of the scapula.

The scapula (shoulder blade) position has a direct relationship with shoulder mobility. It is affected by two main areas.

T-Spine & Pecs

If your T-spine is rounded it will angle the shoulder blades downwards. With most people this is usually found in association with tight pectoral (chest) muscles. Both of these will make the scapula angled downwards and inwards. You'll see this position in the guys at the commercial gyms that only train chest and arms. With the angle of the scapula this way people with normal shoulder range of motion in the joint will not be able to get arms overhead, therefore they make the mistake of overstretching the shoulder joint to create an abnormal range of motion which will create a weaker and less stable position when you have weight overhead. 

We need to fix the T-spine and pecs as a priority. This will allow us to create better ROM without compromising the joint. Check out future blogs & videos for more details on how we can do this. 

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