Limitless 2018 CrossFit Open

It’s that time of the year.  The CrossFit Open is upon us, and now we have an awesome opportunity to help each other reach our goals.  Over the next five weeks, we will be holding a friendly team competition and team building event.  Nothing really special required from you all.  All you have to do is come to the box. .and we know how much you love coming to the box :).

It’s going to be a blast.  Let’s get ready to have fun, build our community, and get better.  The rules of the game, FAQ section, and your team Captains are below.

Rules of the Game:

  1. Teams have been chosen at random.
  2. Each team is assigned a team captain the captains have then selected a vice captain.
  3. The workouts will be scheduled for Friday 7pm, Saturday 8 & 9am & Monday 6:30am, 10:30am (11:30am for LEgends only) and 7pm. You do not have to do the WOD as a team, although having a team mate push you on will help!
  4. Team members earn points regardless of whether the athlete does Rx or scaled. For example, if Bob does the workout Rx, and accumulates 180 reps, and Tracey does the workout scaled and accumulates 200 reps, Tracey Finishes higher for her team. The goal is to push yourself within your own individual training threshold. This is notwithstanding scoring for purposes of the CrossFit Headquarters Leaderboard.
  5. The main mission is to simply get in the gym, have fun, smash it up, and make yourself better.

2018 Scoring Rules 

  • attending a regular WOD. - 3 points per team member 
  • Completing Official CrossFit Open workout. - 5 points per team member
  • Finishing Positions in regular WODS - 3 points down to 1 Bonus Point for every athlete on the team who scores in the top 3 ladies and top 3 men for the Regular WODs that are announced as scoring WODs that week by Jeremy. 
  • Finishing Positions in Open Workouts 5 points down to 1 Bonus Point for every athlete on the team who scores in the top 5 ladies and top 5 men for the Open Workouts.
  • All WODs must be logged on sugarWOD to accumulate attendance and scoring points
  • Spirit of the Open - 10 points to the team that wins the for the respective week.
  • Captains picks - Each Thursday for the 5 open weeks The Captains will pick one athlete whose scores will count double for the following week. (This can be the captain, once picked they cannot be selected again) 

  • Open Competitors Bonus Points. Those teams with players in the Open receive a bonus 3 point for every Open workout logged on

  • Rx 1st Place receives 1 point for Open and scoring WODs.
  • The Official winner of the the Open Scaled (Registered athlete) Also receives 1pt. (This is in case some people overscaled)
  • it is each teams captains job to log scores on the Excel spreadsheet each day.
  • Extra Bonus points will be up for grabs each week

  • Bonus Points for Final week will be announced the Friday of that week. All bonus points will be added by Jeremy.

Scoring runs from Friday to Thursday. All Scores for the previous week must be entered by Midnight on the Saturday of that week.



The Teams 



Team Colour - Lemon YEllow

Captain - Nader Ibrahim

Former star DJ Nader has swapped in his Technic 1210's for a set of Nano 8's and is looking to rock the box with his Captaincy. If he fails to get success this year questions will be asked whether he has placed too much priority on his upcoming wedding and not enough on the Open.

Vice Captain - Dom Walter 

Gymnastic wizard Dom is praying for t2b to be in the Open this year so he can show his skills


Daniel Rose. Louisa Swindle, Filip Wyganoski, Mercedes Savage, Taryn McCall, Shane McCall, Matt Cannon

Chalk Dirty to Me

Team Colour - Green

Captain - Mark Thomas

Mark is a man who is shrinking day by day. Having lost an estimated 1000kg over the last 12 months he has become a lean mean running machine dominating the local Park Run scene with his graceful strides. The only doubt about his captaincy is whether he is too nice a guy to command the dressing room, will he reveal a darker side during the open?

Vice Captain - Oli Ayling

The James Bond of CrossFit Chiltern this well spoken chap will add a touch of class to the dirty team.


Ashleigh Redmayne, Louise Lloyd, Karl Verhulst, Ross Deering, Roz Banks, Nathan Howgego, Jurga Bartkeviciene



Clean Jerks & Dirty Snatches

Team Colour - Red

Captain - Nicola Risk-Jones

Notorious power vegan Nicola's main strength is her ability to push heavy stuff around. You'll always know when she is in the box as the decibel levels rise dramatically. Controversy has already struck her Captaincy when she revealed her Vice Captain husband was her third choice! Nicola may not hurt a fly but she'll definitely kick some butt in her team.

Vice Captain - Ben Jones 

Third choice Ben is as competitive as his wife and loves a speedy burpee or two.


Nick Bird, Fiona Thompson, Nigel Baker, Andrew Warburton, Ryan Rooke, Simon Martin, Kat Savage

Bent Over Hoes

Team Colour - White

Captain - Alison Bird

The fact you see Alison in the box training at 6:30am after only 2 hours sleep thanks to her delightful children says everything about her attitude to training. When partnered with Alison in a workout you'd better give it your all as she's been known to blurt out the odd expletive to anyone trying rest or slow down. There will be no slacking in Alison's side which as fate would have it is the first ever all girl side in the open. Another female Captain who decided against selecting their spouse as VC.

Vice Captain - Soffi James

Soffi overlooked her feminist views to select  an amazing team name and was rewarded with an all female sidE!! She's a good all rounder for the side, plus she will be determined to beat Dom!


Graziella Ruch, Laura Kendall, Sophie Buckman, Charlotte Roberts, Kirstie Touhey, Ruth Salsbury, Michelle Roberts


JJ&SC Final.png

Jumping Jacks & Sweaty Cracks

Team Colour - Grey

Captain - Stuart Wilson

Stuart's main strength is, well his strength. He doesn't know the meaning of overtraining (Perhaps he should look it up) as he often trains 3 or more times a day! The one worry for Stuart is whether his marathon training will cause his legs to shrink..

Vice Captain - Gareth Lloyd

Limitless Games Men's Champion 2017 need I say more. Stuart obviously thought if you can't beat them, pick them!


Lee Royston-Hayes, Raj Verma, Sarah Douglas, Katherine Dawson Smith, jo Watkins, Andrew Hobley, Leroy Sheppard

Burps & Jerks (BJs)

Team Colour - Black

Captain - Russell Goldman

Former Freemans catalogue model Russell is renowned for his good looks and sharp style. One of the finalists in the 2017 games he is an athlete that will lead by example. The one question mark over his Captaincy will be whether he can encourage his team to do as much ab work as he does every day. 

Vice Captain - Michael Reader

A nimble climber who packs a big punch from a small chassis. This guy has Gareth 'RX' Lloyd in his sights.


Mike Whitty, Nick Colledge, Jen Massey, Charlene Mitchell, Dan Pape, Dan Cox, Natasha Spreadborough


Burps & jerks.jpg
 WHich one is Russell??

WHich one is Russell??


Captain - Anmare Peck

Team Colour - Purple

Born from a strong springbok family Anmare brings a dedication to training with her. Fuelled almost entirely on Biltong and Rustenberg she will get results. The question as always is will a foreign manager get results with a side in England?

Vice Captain - Libby Marsden

Libby 'The Power' Marsden will move more weight than most guys and is going to deliver some serious points.


Sotiria Spandea-Wood, Natacha Kanabar, Jessica Neethling, Claudine Bisson, Kevin Palmer, Sachin Nayak, Conor McKechnie



Mother Thrusters

Team Colour - Blue

Captain - Imogen Martin

Imogen came to the box on the recommendation of her husband Simon and has been one of our most improved athletes this year. Despite this she failed to select him as her Vice Captain instead going for a big name signing. Whether this will be a good choice or one she regrets only time will tell. 

Vice Captain - Claudia Cooke

Limitless Games Womens Champion 2018. Alison's arch rival and a Second place captain last year. Claudia isn't settling for a podium in 2018


Susan dixon, Jonian Duka, Amman Basra, John Jakenfelds, Alex Macindoe, James Callow, Suki Varaich

 Taken before the VC decision!

Taken before the VC decision!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CrossFit Open?

The Open is a five-week, five-workout competition held in the winter in CrossFit affiliates and garage gyms around the world. Workouts are released online each Thursday.  This year, the first workout will be  announced on February 22rd, and the last will be finished on March 26th.  You can compete against other CrossFit gym members worldwide to see where you rank by registering on the CrossFit Games website, or you can have a friendly team and community event in your own gym.  In total, you complete five workouts over the course of five weeks.

Do I have to do this?

No we can’t force you to. . .  .but. . . .It’s going to be fun.  So do it!!!!  Additionally, the Open WODs will be the standard workouts on Saturday and Monday, so you might as well come to class on those days.  If you do the workout on Saturday, we will have a different workout for you to do on Monday.  You also earn points for just coming to class.

I don’t think I am good enough, and will make my team lose.

Don’t worry about that.  The scoring system is designed so that everyone can contribute to the team.  Points are given relative to your own individual effort. You earn points by showing community spirit and showing up for class as well as doing an Open WOD, or ending up at the top of the leaderboard. And ultimately, our CrossFit Chiltern community is the winner.

Will the workouts be hard?

Not any harder than what we already do in class. And everything will be scaled.  There will be the scales provided by CrossFit for the workouts, but we will also use our own scale.  The scale we use will be the same as the scaling system we currently use in the box. The goal is to provide you with a benchmark from which you can gauge your progress later on down the road.  The other secret is that you have been doing past Open workouts in class from time to time.  You just didn’t know it!!!!

What if I can’t make it on Monday or Saturday are the Open workouts everyday?

Doing the workouts outside of Monday and Saturday will be by extreme exception only.  Coordinate with us in advance if you can’t make it, and we will try to adjust. Tuesday through Friday we will have regular workouts.  As stated in the scoring section, you still earn points for your team by doing regular class workouts, and extra credit homework.

How do I sign up for a time slot on Saturday?

You can sign up in using the Limitless App for the classes on Saturday. Class times are 8am, 9am, 10am, and 11am.  To make this a fun time, try to register for a class that has members in it.  The classes are capped at 12.

Do I have to be registered for the CrossFit Open to participate?

Nope, you sure don’t.  But if you would like to, you can register for the CrossFit Open by clicking HERE.

What if I did sign up for the CrossFit Open? 

If you signed up for the CrossFit Open, you will be scored according to the movement standards put out by CrossFit HQ.  This will be different than our in house scaling options, and is necessary for your score to be validated.

What happens at the end of the 6 weeks?

The open is 5 weeks long but we're going to be adding a bonus workout for a Final week with our Prize-giving night out being held on weekend of 22nd April.

What team am I on?

Your team captain will contact you.  Additionally, the teams can be found by clicking HERE. If you don’t see your name on any of the lists, please send us an email or Facebook to let us know. Our eyes glaze over sometimes. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email or send a Facebook message.

Do I have to do my Open workout the same time as my team?

Nope.  Although it is encouraged, it is not mandatory.  But we are not held responsible for you being kidnapped and tied to a pole.

At the end of the day, this is all about building our community.  Let’s have fun and work hard together towards “The Beginning of Something Better”