At CrossFit Chiltern we want to make a commitment to your fitness.

To help us achieve this prior to people joining we conduct No sweat consultations. During your introductory assessment, you will learn all about our methodology and our unique application of CrossFit. 


Not all CrossFit boxes are the same.

Unlike McDonald’s, CrossFit is not a franchise. While, generally speaking, there are some similarities between boxes, how an individual box is run; the workout structure; the level of coaching; the energy; and the specific philosophies vary greatly. 


Our goal at CrossFit Chiltern is to bridge the gap between personal training and group fitness. 

We want to provide a highly personal level of service to our members. We aim to keep class sizes small to between 8-10 people per class. Our programming will enable you to progress your training week on week. We'll track your progress on our workouts so you can see how much your fitness has improved. Plus we'll cover ways to help your training outside of the gym. 


We use our NO sweat consultations to help:

·         Find out more about you and be able to help you choose the correct product at our facility.

·         Work out your initial goals and expectations.

·         Give you a much better explanation of what we offer at CrossFit Chiltern

·         Assign you an accountability coach, this is basically the main person at the Box who makes sure you are getting the most out of your training and is your point of contact for any issues. All of the team are there to get you fitter, happier and healthier, we just want you to have the added value that having someone who is personally responsible for you.

·         Discuss with you when you are most likely to want to train. This will help with refining our timetable to fit the needs of our members.

·         Find out anything else that you would like to see us provide at our Box.

Consultations are free of charge with no commitment required. They are generally between 20-30 minutes long.



Am I Ready for CrossFit?

We believe that CrossFit is for everyone and once you come along you'll realise that's true. However we don't throw you straight in. Everyone new to CrossFit will come through our Foundations Programme. This programme ensures you know the basics well enough to come to class safe and ready to go. 


Membership Pricing


Two Class per Week Membership/9 Per Month

£90 Per Month 

Three per Week Membership/14 Per Month

£110 Per Month 

Four per Week Membership/18 Per Month

£130 Per Month 

Six per Week Membership/26 Per Month

£160 Per Month 

One off Drop-In for Worldwide Box Members

£15 Per Visit - Only available for visitors from other CrossFit Boxes around the world. Please email 


Membership is on a rolling monthly contract with payments made at the 1st of each month (Joining mid-month will be calculated pro-rata). We believe you should stay with us for the value we provide rather than being tied in to a long term contract.

I really hope to see you soon, I look forward to you joining us..

Jeremy - Owner of CrossFit Chiltern.


  • Why is there no 1 a week membership? – We want you achieve results and we believe twice a week is the minimum level of training to get real results.
  • What if I can’t make classes? – We Structured or memberships so that if you miss weeks due to holidays, work etc. you can make it up by training more often in other weeks. This is another way to ensure you get strong results.
  • Do you have showers? – Those of you who haven’t visited a CrossFit Box before may not understand why this is a question! But we Do have shower facilities in our box.
  • What about Open gym time? – We offer an open gym time 11:00-13:00 on Saturdays. If demand is high, then we will definitely look to increase the times and offer it as a membership bolt-on in the future.