gymnastics in crossfit, at crossfit Chiltern in Amersham, bucks

Gymnastics combines specific physical skills: strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, agility and speed.

It’s an amazing way to combine strength with expressiveness. Gymnastic style movements are performed with body weight and the aim is to completely control it and dominate it. Gymnastics in CrossFit includes exercises like: pull-ups, gymnastics rings, handstands, handstand push-ups and hand stand walk, muscle-ups and stabilisation exercises.

When you perform gymnastics, you develop your core muscles. In my opinion no other sport discipline builds a stronger core better than gymnastics. What are core muscles? They are the ones stabilizing your posture - exterior and anterior abdominal muscles, hip flexors, quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteal muscles, spinal erectors.

how gymnastics in used in crossfit workouts at crossfit Chiltern, amersham

The CrossFit motto ‘from core to extremity’ is especially meaningful when we talk about gymnastics. Gymnastics lays great emphasis on posture stabilisation - strengthening core muscles and on our whole body control. Even simple exercises might be a challenge to power lifters and body builders.

Gymnastic elements are most visible in CrossFit during the Workout Of the Day (WOD).  In WODs, gymnastics is mixed with weight lifting. Often before the WOD we will practice skill development and technique. For example, we’ll learn how to do hand stands, pull-ups, muscle-ups and how to keep your mid-line stabilization so that we are then prepared to perform during the moves during the WOD.

There is nothing better than awareness of your own body and you gain that through gymnastics. Training gymnastics you realise your own capabilities - you realise what you are able to do with your bodyweight. Last, but not least, you achieve holistic mind and body benefits.