CrossFit case study, Amersham,

I have always been into sport but it’s only been in the last 3 years that I have picked up the pace and started trying to improve my general fitness and strength levels. I started off with just a gym membership and doing what I thought was best, until I met Jeremy as a Personal Trainer.

I approached Jeremy because I wanted to try and put some structure around everything. At that point Jeremy introduced me to CrossFit Chiltern when it was launched earlier this year.

When I first started training my fitness goals were quite generic really, just to be fitter and stronger than I currently am. I can also add in flexibility to one of my goals now!

I feel I have achieved a lot in my short CrossFit journey. I have learnt new techniques in Olympic Lifting, I have pushed myself and broken all my barbell PB's, and most importantly, this has made training so much fun!

I am an IT Consultant by day which is quite flexible in terms of time, although sometimes I do have to work away.  However, It has been quite handy that I have been able to find CrossFit Boxes around Europe to drop in at to make sure I keep my training going.

My favourite aspect of CrossFit is the feeling you get on the way home... you're absolutely buzzing and you just can’t wait for the next session. Aside from that, I love the mix of strength and fitness in every session.

I think the biggest misconception about CrossFit is the whole kipping pull ups. Everyone sees these and just laughs or thinks about the injuries. CrossFit is so much more than kipping pull ups! To be honest, I used to laugh at CrossFit too, until i tried it myself!

For anyone thinking about having a go… If you want to increase your fitness levels and strength and have fun, you need to try CrossFit!

Alex - Member of the CrossFit Chiltern community

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