Our newest member of the CrossFit Coaching team, James, tells us about his military background and his passion for strength and conditioning and Olympic lifting...

CrossFit Chiltern Coach James, www.crossfitchiltern.com

I began my journey into Strength and Conditioning (S&C) working alongside a Physiotherapist and Rehabilitation Instructor in the British Army and found myself hooked on their wealth of knowledge while being able to help conduct rehab programmes for injured soldiers. After many years of research and courses through UKSCA (UK Strength & Conditioning Association) and KBT Strength & Conditioning, I found a true passion for S&C and Olympic lifting.

I am a Sports Massage Therapist and Strength & Conditioning Coach with a true passion for strength training and Olympic lifting. My speciality is finding the faults in an athlete's performance, whether in sport or CrossFit, and building all round physical robustness. My main aim is to get an athlete 100% ready for whatever event they wish to participate in.

I served in the Infantry for ten years and had the pleasure of spending most of my career as a PTI (Physical Training Instructor). I worked with a variety of different levels from new recruits to injured soldiers and loved my job and where it has brought me today. I’ve not just worked with military but also worked at a friend’s gym, Olympian Fitness, helping their team prepare for events such as Tough Mudder. I had an array of clients from police and fireman and even a module but yet I got them to a very high standard and every man and woman finished in good time.

I’m very passionate about Rehabilitations and Strength and Conditioning. I have recently been accepted on to a BSC in sports Rehabilitation degree at Twickenham University so not only will be into rehab but also be helping athletes onto there next stage with Strength and Conditioning. I wish to be the best and help others with my wealth of knowledge.

Me as person used be massively into body building weights but easily got bored until I found my love of Kettle bell training and Olympic lifting. Functional movements are part of everyday life and most people will perform deadlifts and squats without even realising. Functional training is not only good for growth but for the foundations of strength.

I’ve always been an active person so love the outdoors, when I’m not in the gym I’ll be spending time with family or nights out with friends. I love to eat out especially in Thai restaurants. I also have a soft spot for festivals (I love a muddy field with a decent band on stage).

I’ve been in the PT industry for around eight years mainly working in the army but always kept myself concurrent with what’s going on around me with trying to better myself in every way that I can with courses or workshops. I’m born and bred in west London (Northolt) and have always had a passion for fitness and keeping active.

As a coach I’m looking to help athletes reach peak performance and there’s nothing better to watch your athletes develop bigger, better and stronger. Watching programmes transform athletes into machines that can tackle any workout is the best feeling. I’m here to help so please done be afraid to ask me anything you wish. Finally guys and girls I wish to see you at CrossFit Chiltern!

James (JAY)