With the introduction of our new CrossFit Chiltern Teens Programme at the box we talk you through some of the types of movements we do as part of training and why enjoyment has to be central to any teen programme.

CrossFit Chiltern Teens programme in Amersham is a great hobby for children to have fun and get fit

As a child goes through their growth spurt ,it’s challenging to determine what programme will help with healthy growth and not damage the bone density or the muscle fibres.

At this stage we look at the fundamental movements of strength which will help a child grow naturally and cause less stress throughout the growth period.

When planning a programme for teens, you have to take into consideration the age and activity/life style. It’s great for teens to work out. The main concept to remember is that they are still growing and too much training can do more harm than good. REMEMBER TEENS NEED TO BE TEENS AND ENJOY TRAINING!

The movements below are some exercises which we adapt for a programme suitable for teens.

Deadlift – good movement for the hamstrings and lower back

Press up – body weight exercise great for the pectorals and triceps

Bench press – with this exercise as teenager you would monitor the weight

Shoulder press – upper body focus on the shoulder and traps

Front squat – lower limb focus on the quadriceps

Back squat – lower limb focus hamstrings calf’s

A great workout for teens would be.

Workout: AMRAP 10 minutes

5 – pull ups

10 – press ups

15 – air squats

As a child trains they do not know their own strengths and push through the pain barrier much more than an adult can, so workouts should be focused around body weight unless competing at high level sports which you would consider using fundamental strength exercises for their strength and conditioning. 

Remember, children need to be children and enjoy whatever sport they pursue!

Coach James