I was 19 when I first enlisted into the army and the journey I experience was both exciting and challenging to say the least. For 3 years, I trained for an operation theatre and in 2008 I finally got to chance to go to Afghanistan.

Preparing for this was both physically and mentally challenging, cross fit was just about to explode on the fitness scene and I wish I had the chance to start my physical journey before I want to war.

I’ve always trained in big compound movements such as deadlifts, squats, shoulder press and bench press, these are the fundamentals of a good starting base.

My next challenge was keeping fighting fit whilst on operations in the middle east. Little did I know that I was already doing this with workouts such as Cindy Simple Body weight exercise with a 5,10,15 complex. I hardly had time to work out but 20 mins of simple WOD kept me going.

Nutrition was key I was carrying heavy equipment and engaged in contact with the Taliban for up to 6 hours at any time. Also of central importance was hydration as it was reaching 40 degrees in md day heat and 90% of the time the water I had to drink was hot -  but after months we grew to like it.

I always worked with a phrase in mind – EVERY WHERE IS A GYM. Well in Afghanistan we made the best of what we had.

I have had experiences that most will never get to see but thankfully I am still here and am striving to earn a degree in sports rehabilitation.

Finally, I would like to take my time a give thanks to those brave men and women that did not come home and made the ultimate sacrifice to give their life so people today can live theirs. God bless the servicemen and women there are still there serving queen and country.