First and foremost best of luck to those of you that have entered the open and those that will be giving it a go this year. There were 2 clues that led me to believe that 18.1 would be a) longer and b) with DB's. Sam Briggs doing 18.1 and castros post on IG earlier in the week. Nevertheless, lets look at the workout:

20 min amrap

8 T2B - Gymnastics

10 DB Hang clean to S2OH (jerk 5 each side) - Weightlifting

14/12 cal row - Monostructural


This workout will definitely suit those who are better at longer workouts, but everything leading up to the open will have you prepared. There's lots of gripping/pulling work, so its imperative that you look after your hands during the 20 mins. Hamstrings and Lats are also going to play a big role, so make sure that they are primed. 

I would approach in the following manner:

Mobs - calfs, hips lower back (key area), lats and shoulders

Activations - Marching glute bridge, crossbody RDL, supinated pull aparts, hollow rocks

HR elevation/primining - This comes in our Open Warm Up. 

This year I would like you to make sure that you elevate your HR before 18.1 to somewhat near what you may expect in the workout. Therefore, it means getting in earlier to spend more time warming up.

Each week I will be giving workout a chilli rating out 5 This one get 3 chilli's.



Go smash it - Team Chiltern