Hopefully the snow hasn’t affected that much of your training leading up to 18.2. Dumbbells (DB) are back again . This workout has 2 parts, a conditioning piece and then a 1RM clean. Let’s have a look at the couplet workout:

Ascending ladder for time


DB Squat – weightlifting

Bar Facing Burpee – Gymnastics


1RM Clean

All of the above completed in a 12-minute time cap.

I would approach in the following manner:

Mobs - Calfs, Hips, Lower Back , Lats, Shoulders and Wrists

Activations – Mini band walks, BB lateral lunge or Cossack squat , Front squats, Scap push ups , Side planks + Planks

HR elevation/Primining  

This workout will need to be attacked much harder than 18.1. For all those that have been using DB’s more in the lead to the open will benefit greatly in the conditioning piece. I would recommend that you pace the first 1-5 a lot more than you think you do. 6-10 will catch up with you real fast if you don’t…only leading to more unbroken reps. I personally have been doing a lot of cleans with DB’s (thought they may come up in the open) and one of the biggest factors that starts to break down is the front rack position. Therefore, I would hold the DB’s in a front rack position until you start to fatigue at elbow upwards. Thereafter, place the dumbbells completely on your shoulder and hands over the top of the DB’s . Over the course of the 12 mins this will ensure you keep an upright torso…hopefully leading to a bigger clean (I will go over this in more detail tomorrow). The bar for the burpees (B’s) should be pre set at around 60-70% of 1RM, this will save you time and effort of putting on plates. The B’s must be completed with feet moving together throughout the conditioning piece and to enhance efficiency I would recommend a side step. A word of warning there will be a lot of no reps on this one lol.

Once the conditioning piece is completed a rest will be needed. This is a period where I would get on oly shoes, knee sleeves, belt and possibly wrist straps. (Editors note– This may be wishful thinking on Dennis's part!)As already mentioned above you should be good to start the clean @ 60-70%. Small increments are advisable here with at least 1-1 ½ mins of rest in between lifts (Editors note– More wishful thinking on Dennis's part!)  be sensible and don’t waste efforts. I would recommend a max of 4 lifts to get to max.

Don’t expect to hit a 1RM in the lift above.

Remember to bring all of your weightlifting gear.

This one gets 3 ½ chilli's.




Once again go smash it - Team Chiltern