Ashleigh's story

Ashleigh's story

Ashleigh started training last summer when we opened. She was already into her second trimester of her pregnancy. That didn't stop her working out with us though!

Dee's Story

I started CrossFit a few years ago after hearing my colleague at work tell me all of the "crazy" things they made her do and thinking, "maybe this will help get in better shape for my Summer vacation?"  So I signed up, almost fainted during my 1st on-ramp class but really liked the coaches and it was so close to where I lived I thought it would be worth giving it at least a month and ended up going to the same box for 3 years.

I've always preferred morning classes, in part because it's easy to roll out of bed and not make an excuse for not having enough time later in the day and also found that it was a privilege, as mostly there were only a handful of us in the class so felt like personal training sessions.

I moved to the UK from the US in 2014 and struggled to find a new box.  I signed up to the local gym, tried running and other activities but always really wanted to go back to CrossFit.  Last Summer I found CrossFit Chiltern and was so excited that there was a new place fairly close to home that I immediately got in contact.  I remember meeting Jeremy for the 1st time, he explained the goal of keeping classes small and building a strong box and I was completely sold.

Personally, my goal is to simply wake up and be active through the crazy WODs that seem to fall from the sky.  What I enjoy most is the sense of accomplishment after getting through it and setting new benchmarks.  I'm not the most competitive and I've had a few box scars to keep me from getting overly excited but the sense of family and community at CrossFit Chiltern is priceless.

I am extra thankful for the brilliant coaches who are worth waking up in the morning for and invest their time in little people like us.

Going to CrossFit and being part of the CrossFit Chiltern family makes me feel stronger and I absolutely love it!

Dayanis  38

Gurdeep's story

I noticed the advert for the new box, in the local Amersham newsletter. I am always up for trying new things and the more I read, the more I was intrigued. Colleagues at work had raved on about CrossFit but all of the classes were in London ie. far out and expensive. So when I looked into the location, a five minute drive was extremely appealing!

As a busy mum of two, I don’t have a lot of spare time and anytime spent in the gym previously, seemed a little fruitless. Jeremy explained the benefits of a total body workout in every class. That certainly seemed worth coming out for.

Although I thought it was a lot to pay compared to the local gym, Jeremy certainly sold it to me on the more or less PT style with small class sizes.

I have never trained with weights before, apart from the odd Body pump class and was a little apprehensive to be honest. I have had some back injury issues and was also keen to be observed closely by the instructors and remain injury free. Jeremy reassured me each coach would be highly trained and advise on scaled options.

I also liked the fact I could come to late 8pm or early 6.30am classes, which suited my lifestyle. All in all, it seemed like a “win, win” scenario. If I didn’t want to continue, I had the flexibility to give notice and leave. No contracts or tie-ins like traditional gyms….and so I became a member of the “Founding Fifty”!

I had actually recently moved to Amersham and was very proud to have completed the London Marathon last April, amongst the chaos of moving and training over winter. It was a big achievement for me and I wanted to get stronger in able to run more efficiently and remain injury free.

I had joined a local gym but rarely went. It was money down the drain and I was tied in to the contract. Most of the good classes were at 7pm and I could not make them due to child care issues. Also, I did not know anyone in the gym so it felt a little isolated and boring, to be honest!

I have always been quite slim but as I was running at weekends and some weeknights, I was losing too much weight! I needed to gain more muscle and was not getting much in the way of results at the local gym.

My initial goals were to gain more strength, core stability and confidence in training.

I definitely noticed greater stamina and power to continue during the Ealing half-marathon I ran in Sept 2016. That was down to CrossFit.

Since I've started my goals have changed. I realised I am still injury-prone and as I cannot commit to more than twice a week, progress has been a little slow for me. My goal now is to remain injury-free, work on my core stability and keep motivated to work at the lower levels until I get stronger!

I have accessed  extra techniques sessions and they were really good. However, I need to possibly have 1-2 PT sessions to ensure I am using optimal technique with my back issues.

Most challenging in my sessions are exercise like squat snatches. Any squat movements, as they can be a bit difficult if my back is feeling a little stiff.

I also find rowing a challenge and have certainly improved but need to keep getting better (I missed the rowing techniques session)!

I love the “family” atmosphere. Everyone talks to each other and supports each other. There is no ego or “attitude” in the box. It’s all about being the best you can be. I feel comfortable and accepted – we are all the same team. I think that’s really important to help one to remain driven to push beyond one’s own expectations. It is highly addictive and I genuinely feel sad when I miss a session at the box!!

The “OPEN” has really been a test of team work and my lovely co-athletes have really gone out of their way to “share the love” ;)

In addition people are very active in posting on the FB page and helping each other with hints and tips. I love it!

All the coaches are superb. They all have their strengths. Kelly is great at motivating us on a Saturday morning and keeps a check on individual progress. James has been really patient and helped me a lot in my first few weeks at the box. It took me ages to get some of the moves correct but he kept correcting me! Also, he gives an awesome sports massage.

Roman – has been amazing and really pushed me a few weeks ago to reach a PB deadlift! Always smiling and cheering us on in classes.

Jeremy – well, he is the boss. He has to be nice to us ;) Jeremy is quite precise and will not let me get away without pushing beyond my comfort zone. I like his relaxing coaching style and that sense of humour helps.

In terms of results I would point to Better performance in HM; PB deadlift a few weeks ago.

 I am more confident in the box now. I am aware I am still probably not as strong as other ladies but it doesn’t matter. It’s not a competition amongst others, it’s a competition with yourself. I am always cautious about bringing on back injury but I keep going and push myself as much as I can.

I love the social aspect and enjoy meeting others each week.

I have definitely noticed the weight piles on more quickly as you get older. It’s also a great stress buster to exercise. I would say, I am more aware of the importance of exercise in the past few months. I have also had a couple of health scares, reminding me to slow down. XFIT helps me channel that stress and come out feeling happier (and extremely sore on some days!).

CrossFit is a great start for a total body workout, if you are short of time and want max outcomes. It’s more likely to give you solid results if you can train three times a week. Don’t expect to come in and hide – do mingle and you’ll get more out of your sessions. Friends are more likely to cheer you on in those moments when you feel you can’t go on. Give it a go – you have nothing to lose (apart from the monthly fees!). There is no tie- in and lots of flexibility to book and cancel sessions if needed. I would really recommend it for all mums, as we can go for it and feel like we have trained hard after every session. The coaches are all fab and the support network is there. You’ll regret it if you don’t give it a go x

Gurdeep – in my 30’s!

Sarika's story

I was stuck in a rut with exercise and looking for something closer to home so it was perfect timing when the CrossFit Chiltern leaflet dropped through my letterbox! I was initially wary of CrossFit, all I had heard that you lifted as heavy as you could until you were sick, or you got injured! I very quickly learned this was totally unfounded and I was hooked straight after from my foundations classes. The things that appealed to me the most were the varied WODs, knowledgeable coaches who guide you through the technique and small class size – for someone like me who loses interest in exercise quickly, this was just what I needed!

Having a busy job, I’ve found it very hard over the years to stick to an exercise routine. I was going to a HIIT class once a week at the gym close to work – it was so boring, the same exercises every week with a very uninspiring instructor who made very little effort to vary things up. I wasn’t getting any results in getting fitter or changing my physique.

Not knowing a huge amount before I started CrossFit, my goal was to get generally fitter and to improve my upper body strength, which was virtually non-existent before I started. I was also keen to lose weight and drop a couple of dress sizes.

My entire perception of fitness has changed since I started CrossFit, in my mind the measure of fitness was based on the scales and clothes size. Now my goals are based on what I’m capable of achieving rather than looking in a mirror. My goals are now to keep improving, to nail the perfect technique, to be able to lift heavier, and to be the fittest that I can be.

The most challengni part is Pre-WOD nerves, sometimes they look frankly terrifying (AMRAP 7 of burpees!), so getting over that mental block can be a challenge but they are always designed to push you – so it’s just a case of turning up and giving it your best regardless of how challenging it looks!

In terms of what I enjoy it's everything! I have particularly enjoyed the stress relief that CrossFit brings, it’s an hour of entirely physical activity – all of the stresses of day to day life are put to one side and you just focus on the task at hand.

The CrossFit Chiltern community is amazing! Having only moved here around a year ago, it’s great to make some friends in the area. It’s also incredible to be a part of a community of people working towards a common goal. The encouragement that you get from the CrossFit community is amazing, every single person is cheered on to the very end – even when you’ve got nothing left in the tank towards the end of a tough workout, everyone will keep you going! I had expected it to be a competitive environment, but that couldn’t be further from the reality.

The coaches are the BEST! They really take the time and care to teach the techniques properly. With the small class sizes, they are able to make sure that everyone maintains the proper form and are able to advise on weights and technique. They always encourage you to do your best, and are the first ones to pick you up if you are down!

Exercising was something that I didn’t prioritise as much as I should have done, and something that I really had to try to make time for. CrossFit and exercise is now ingrained in my day to day life and something that I actively choose to prioritise. I actually now feel antsy if I don’t work out!

If you're thinking of joining just give it a go! You really have nothing to lose, you will be led by expert coaches who make the classes fun as well as pushing you to your limit and you will be amazed by how much you can achieve! 



Nicoletta's story

I came to Crossfit because the variety of exercise appeals to me, I like the fact that you combine conditioning, with strength exercises and gymnastics.  

I just got either bored or injured doing exercises like body pump or spinning and every time I got injured (I suffer of lower back problems) I would stop and then not do anything for months. I tried doing weights at the local gym but I am not great at exercising on my own...

My goals were just getting healthier and fitter, plus built up some strength, would be nice to loose some body fat too...

The coaches are always giving me confidence and encourage me to achieve higher results and most importantly not give up when injured.

I find anything to do with barbells quite challenging, but I think it has more to do with me worrying about hurting my lower back, its like a mental blockage sometimes.

I like the variety of it, the combination of exercises and I like that sometimes I train with a triathlon athlete and sometimes with athletes same level as me...

I also appreciate the fact that when you have an injury you get encouraged to train, every training can be scaled and alternated to suit your level. 

With regards to the community I like how we all encourage each other, I never feel equate, there is always someone at the same level. 

Every coach is totally different, but what they all have in common is a passion for what they are doing and as a member you can feel that. 

I can jump now 20 inches without any hesitation, even jumped 24 inches high I managed some handstands and two double unders ...that was unthinkable 6 months ago!

When asked if the training has made a difference to my life my answer is 'Yes my husband thinks so...'I just feel healthier, stronger and ultimately happier. 

My health has been important since I had children, I just want to be around for a very long time. It changed yes, you see results and it encourages you to do more. 

Its amazing how much stronger I got in such a short period of time. I used to suffer from very bad migraine and since I do Crossfit I can't remember last time I had a headache. 

If you're thinking of joining the community aspect, the variety of exercises: combination of building strength, conditioning and gymnastics. 

There is something for everybody.

Nicoletta, 45

Sarah's story

My husband started at CrossFit Chiltern a few months before me and was constantly talking about the classes and showing me the app.  I was intrigued . . but I wasn't going to join as I was happy doing the outside bootcamp style sessions and running. 

But then my husband signed me up anyway! 

I wasn't sure what to expect.  I insisted that I wasn't interested in weight lifting and I couldn't understand how 8 minutes of exercise could make a difference to my fitness.  I decided my goal would be to do a chin up. 

I started classes (after the Foundations programme) in January and I have to admit I have quite quickly become addicted!  What amazes me is the rapid progress I have made - last night I beat my previous '1 rep max' by 10kg for squat cleans.  Also my body is changing - my back has so much more definition for example.  I have done so many things I have never done before and I'm enjoying the challenge.  The app is really useful too - you can see what is coming up tomorrow.

Having done outside bootcamp style classes before I was aware of the community spirit element but it's even better at CrossFit Chiltern.  Partly thanks to the great coaches who encourage you and work with you (literally sometimes!) and partly thanks to the other members who cheer me through when I'm struggling and partly due to the app where you can 'fistbump' other members when they have done well.

There are plenty of options of training times and what is really convenient for me is that there is a viewing area so my son can watch/play on the iPad if my husband isn't home.  In fact, my son, who is 5, even attends the gym for the 'Juniors' sessions run on Mondays and Wednesdays!  All of the family are CrossFit obsessed now!

I have done 27 classes and I still get nervous before every class.  I thought I wouldn't be good enough.  There are obviously super fit people who attend but there are also those who want to be fitter and all the workouts are scaled for any level of ability, experience and injury so that everyone can take part as equals.

I attend the classes mainly to improve my fitness and strength but I also really enjoy the whole experience!

Sarah Lloyd, 35

Jo's Story

I was recommended by my partner as he saw you offered BYB classes. I used to always belong to a gym, do various classes, bit of yoga and swimming too- I just sort of "pottered along" with exercise never had any workout goals.

Since joining I actually have goals! Using the app I can actually see myself getting stronger.And I like that crossfit concentrates more on getting stronger and fitter rather than skinnier. 

Kelly really helped me construct my goals, (in that 1.1 she gave me- and me and Ryan use the excel sheet that you gave us Jeremy)  Kelly also always helps me on where to pitch myself in sessions/WODs?

The most challeging part of the sessions was technique - and I can never remember the names of all the barbell stuff. 

I enjoy knowing that every session your guaranteed to work your arse off.  Plus Friendly, good banter with no "meat head" mentality.

I think all the coaches have a real sound knowledge and passion for what they do. It's a professional yet friendly set up.

It has made a big difference to my life. Particularly being on mat leave- it's a big part of mine and Bryson's weekly routine. And it's inspiring being around other mums who are absolutely killin' it! 

I've even started to be competitive with myself! 

if you want a proper workout, a friendly atmosphere and somewhere to take your baby - come to crossfit. It honestly doesn't matter how good you are, the only competition is with yourself.

Joella, 29

Dom's story

After I finished playing rugby I found that I had no motivation to go to the gym. This was really frustrating as in the past I've always been active and kept to a strict exercise regime. However as I didn't really have a goals I just kept coming up with excuses and ended up not going for months on end. Once I heard that there was a local crossfit gym, I signed up straight away knowing that they would give me the kick up the backside I needed! I also had a knee injury that need rehabilitating, so I thought that Crossfit would be able to help me out.

 In the past I've competed in many different sports, from rugby to gymnastics to freestyle skiing, and they all required a lot of fitness. 

One of my main goals was to strengthen my left quad in order to provide the support my injured knee needed. Also the majority of my work involves sitting down and so I was feeling like I was becoming stagnant! I really wanted to shake the dust off and kick start a regime that would allow me to get back to the fitness I use to have when playing competItive sport. 

Due to the competitive nature of the sport I now find myself wanting push my fitness beyond what I had achieved in the past and goal is now to enter the next Crossfit Open Comp (2018)

Since joining my injured knee has completely healed and is as strong as ever. This is something I definitely could not have achieved with out the help and guidance of the excellent coaches. My fitness and strength has also increased dramatically, and I am starting to feel as good as I did when I was at the peak of playing competitive sports

When I first thought of CrossFit I thought that the physical hardship of the works outs would be the toughest thing, however for me it is mental aspect! The mental strength required to get through some of the WODs (Workout of the days) is huge!  Some people are brilliant at it but for me, I've had to become much stronger mentally. Surprisingly I find this metal toughness something which is actually really useful for other things outside of Crossfit  as well! 

I love the competitiveness of it! In the past there is no way I would get up at 05:30 on a Friday morning to go to the gym. But now I don't think twice!! 

The community at Chiltern Crossfit is one of the best bits about club. There are no awkward silences and glances like you would get at the gym,  everyone is hugely supportive! From cheering each other on, helping with technique and even supplying home baked goods!! 

In my opinion coaches are the most important thing about making CrossFit work well. I've been to other Crossfit gyms in the past and this one has by far the best coaches. They all bring different qualities and really go out of their way to help with whatever issues you may have. They push you to meet your goals in a safe and friendly way and work hard to create a fun and social atmosphere in the box. 

Training has make a huge difference to my life. I have tons more energy, I don't have to worry about my knee injury and has most importantly helped me to create a much needed routine! 

Fitness has always been important to me, I just lacked the motivation to do anything about it. Now I'm exercising again I'm finding myself reseachering left right and centre about how to become fitter

Last Saturday i managed to get to the last round of the workout. Everybody else had finished and instead of packing away their bits they all joined in with clapping and offering words of encouragement which got me over the final hurdle! Its’s such a great feeling to have that kind of support! 

If you were like me, struggling with motivation and didn’t know what you were doing with regards to exercise plans then CrossFit is totally for you. You don’t have to think! You turn up, get blitzed and as a result get very fit!! The fact that every workout is scalable makes it perfect for any age, ability or size!  

Dom 26

Richard's story

Crossfit I have always been an active person regularly going to the gym over the last 10 years. However, I moved and stopped going for 3 years as I never really found a gym I felt at home with. I remember my first encounter with Crossfit was in 2013 when I stumbled across the newly opened Crossfit Fuengirola, Spain when I was visiting my mother and it looked really interesting. I had seen some similar equipment (Olympic Lifting and gymnastic rigs) in the Reebok gym I was attending in London. It looked like something I would enjoy, to some it is quite daunting, doing handstands, pull ups and lifting barbells but its not with some good coaching and practice.

I have always preferred working in a group environment where there is team spirit, competition and motivation. In 2016 I started to look for a Crossfit close to where I live in Amersham and could only find ones too far away. Then a flyer came through the door and I decided to join Crossfit Chiltern, located in Amersham. The experience with them has been a great one, from initial consultation through the Foundation Programme and the daily “WOD’s” (work out of the day).

The team are very welcoming and there is a great group of people who attend of all ages and abilities. The comradery is not something that you see at a gym, it is a very friendly place where you know everyone’s name. Everyone helps everyone else and we all share in everyone’s success either in achieving a new skill or personal best. If you are looking to have fun and get fit or looking to get fit and have some fun then Crossfit is a great place to start.

If you want to make some changes to your life, then this is a place that can do this. Since I joined I can now do a handstand which I have never done in my life, I have regained some of fitness and have managed to reduce my fat mass by 3.3kgs, increase my muscle mass by 3.5kgs and reduce my body fat percentage by 4.1%. That’s was achieved by attending twice a week since I started in September 2016 with no change in diet (I love pizza and beer). Thanks to Jeremy, Kelly, James and Roman you are a great team and I have now become a Crossfit convert and it is an important part of life. Regards Richard

Ryan's story

I'd done a small bit of CrossFit in Holland when working over seas but stopped pretty quickly as relocated back to UK.  I was amazed to have something so close on my door step so instantly cancelled the gym after my introductory sessions and decided CrossFit was the way forward.

Tell us about your previous fitness experience.  Mainly the gym plus some running / footy.  I used to get pretty bored of the gym like waiting for machines for instance.  I love the way in CF you know your there for an hour and there is no hiding -  a guaranteed decent workout.

What I find most challenging about the sessions are the techniques of some of the weight lifting but this will come with practice I guess.  Likewise double unders and pulls ups!

What I enjoy most is that I know I'm guaranteed to have a decent hours work out opposed to wandering around a busy gym!

The community a great bunch of people, all very supportive towards each other respecting each others limits.  Not like a typical meat head section part of a gym where some people fret to go...

The coaches very easy going and friendly.  All knowledgeable and take the time to explain any questions/techniques.

In terms of results all previous weight lifting PB's increased and managed more than 3 pull ups in a row now!

In terms of my life i think you generally feel better as a person when your active (well i certainly do).  I become more awake and energised during days.

 I remember turning up and the place was still being fitted out when I met Jeremy.  What he sold that day was exactly what was said on the tin.  And is only complimented by the fast rise in members! from when I started.

If you were talking to someone thinking of starting training with us what would you say to them?  "Give it a go, just try it!!"  CrossFit sounds worse than it is as people half in the know associate weightlifting with it and can be put off.  im not sure people understand that all levels of fitness can attend, with the different scaling options provided. 

Ryan, 31


Susan's story



I looked online for a new personal trainer as my previous one PT was injured and had stop the PT side of her business to concentrate on her triathletes- Jeremy answered a message I place on an app I found 

I have exercised since the age of 5 with ballet and tap , then judo for 10 years , netball and hockey whilst a school then played volleyball for 30 years ( I still run a club) and have also been a member  of various gyms since my early thirties.

I joined to achieve a better level of fitness after three years of operations on knees and legs ( due to too much exercise one doctor said !) and to lose weight 

I started off with personal training with Kelly and then switched to CrossFit. When I train I feel I have achieved something finished and I’m glad that the trainers scale the workouts to your ability 

The community are very friendly and encouraging and coaches are great very approachable encouraging and fun to be around

When I first started I achieved some weight loss which was great.

If I were talking to someone thinking of starting training with CrossFit Chiltern I would tell them 'Go for it!' 

Susan 58 years (59 next month)

Hannah's story

I initially saw an advertisement on facebook and had heard from friends who are members of other boxes how great it is so wanted to give it a go.

I have always had a gym membership but was struggling to find the motivation to go.

Improve fitness levels, gain muscle, lose body fat, learn how to lift weights safely using correct technique

I am now confident lifting weights, my fitness levels have improved greatly and I can feel my physique changing week on week

What I find most challenging are Pull ups (even band assisted) and cardio (I really dislike having to run to the post box!)

What I enjoy most is that every day there is a new challenge and occasionally, on the whiteboard, it looks pretty easy but I don’t think I have ever completed a WoD which I haven’t found challenging. I love that everything can be scaled to suit personal fitness levels.

The CrossFit Chiltern community is great! Everyone supports and motivates each other through every session.

The coaches are really good, as the groups are so small they are always helping you with your technique and making sure there are no half squats or lunges (there is no hiding in the back!)

Training has made a big difference to me! I struggled for 18 months with an inner thigh injury and it wasn’t until I started working out at CrossFit did I see an improvement.

Sign up! Regardless of ability or fitness level CrossFit is great for everyone

Hannah, 28

Soffi's story

I actually signed up to CrossFit by accident. Jono and Dom, my housemate and my boyfriend respectively, had heard about the Chiltern box through Jono’s personal trainer. They are both healthy, active, outdoorsy types who had decided they wanted to take on a new challenge to increase their fitness. Personally, I was half-heartedly looking for an evening yoga class I could do once a month that I knew I’d never turn up to as I would be too scared to go on my own. One evening, I gave Dom a lift to talk to the charming Jay, one of the coaches at the box. 20 minutes later, I walked out of the office having signed up to the Foundation sessions and a week’s worth of classes.

As a fair-weather exerciser, the idea of committing to even two classes a week seemed overwhelming; I’d never have time to fit it in between work, socialising and sleeping. As a girl who has struggled with weight, body image and confidence issues since the age of 12, CrossFit seemed like the last place I wanted to be. As a feminist, I was wary of walking into a room full of testosterone fuelled men grunting in front of mirrors, alienating me because of my genetic make up and scantily clad girls judging my lack of thigh gap and latest Nike neon crop top.

All of the above assumptions have been proven wrong by the coaches and members of CrossFit Chiltern.

My fitness history is one of peaks and troughs. A keen rower at school, a sporadic gym bunny at university and couch potato with the odd breathless 10k run thrown in here and there when I started working full time, I had never found something that could keep me interested for very long. I’d go to the gym five times a week for the month before a beach holiday, then not go for 6 months after the plane landed back in London Heathrow.

What’s so good about Chiltern CrossFit then, I hear you ask? Well, no other gym I’ve been to offers coaches who will push you to your limits, tend to your aches and pains and make you laugh until your abs ache within the space of an hour. No other gym I’ve been to posts videos explaining to its female members when the best time to hit your Personal Records are during your menstrual cycle. Or get you to ring a loud bell when you do hit a personal best. Or where a team captain in the box competition will turn up to a class he wasn’t even signed up to just to cheer another team member on, or where another athlete makes a sign for you on a whiteboard to encourage you to get through those last six pull ups.

I used to walk into the gym, plug my headphones in, try not to catch anyone’s eye, and look for the treadmill furthest away from everyone else. Now I walk into the box to cheery waves and the sweaty, smiling faces of the exhausted class before mine.

That’s not to say it’s been easy; it’s been one of the biggest challenges I’ve voluntarily put myself through. After the first ramp up class, I wobbled away feeling nauseous and annoyed at myself for not being better, despite Roman and Jay’s words of encouragement. I told Dom in the car on the way home I wasn’t going back; I wasn’t good enough. Fast forward four months and I’ve ramped my classes up to 14 a month, I’m competing in our box Open with team Snatch Me If You Can (woo!) and I’ve overcome my fear of heights by climbing up a ruddy massive rope and touched the ceiling of the box. I’ve also enjoyed the look on my boyfriend’s face when I’m keeping up with him on burpee box jumps! I obviously have good days and bad days, but my ability to accept the times I haven’t performed as well as I wanted to has improved too.

The confidence that the coaches and members inspire has had perhaps unintended results as well. Safe to say I used to see exercise only as a way of punishing my body for the extra calories it had consumed that day. The truth is, CrossFit works to cultivate your body’s abilities, rather than the way it looks. I’m no longer so caught up in how many kilograms I’ve lost, but rather how many more I can put on the end of the barbell. As for my fear of bulging men laughing at my attempt at a pull up, I’ve never worked out in such a positive environment, where doing something ‘like a girl’ is a point of pride, not an insult.

Tonight will only be my 57th CrossFit workout since starting in November 2016. The change in my strength, confidence and approach to fitness is already tangible. I’m nowhere near the fittest or the fastest in the box and that really doesn’t matter. I know I’m the strongest I’ve been in a long time and that’s thanks to the Jeremy, Kelly, Jay and Roman and all the members of CrossFit Chiltern. 


Tom's story

I had competed in athletics since aged 12 in the 100/200m sprints up until a couple years ago when I finally hung up my spikes to pursue new, more varied fitness challenges (other than running fast in a straight line!) that I could fit in more easily around my lifestyle. Replacing a sport I had done for 18 years was incredibly hard as it formed a big part of my identity. Olympic weight lifting and high intensity interval sessions had always been part of my training, so CrossFit Chiltern was the perfect fit. 

Before I joined my goals were to improve my strength and aerobic endurance and to eventually learn a muscle-up!

In CrossFit it doesn't take long to reveal your strengths or weaknesses as you try many different types of skills, movements and fitness levels, there is always something to aim for. Whilst it's completely unrealistic I usually want to come top of every WOD I do so I'll probably never be satisfied! Like in athletics there is always someone faster than you....unless you're Usain Bolt!

In my training I dread anything overhead! I previously dislocated my shoulder twice playing rugby and a third time doing a shoulder press! Even after having an op to mend it I'm still ultra cautious and CrossFit is perfect for getting strong and confident again.

The best things are the variety, intensity and challenging the inner (and sometimes outer!) competitiveness in me!

Coaches are all very friendly, knowledgeable, accommodating, encouraging and good fun!

In terms of results. Power cleaning my body weight and shoulder pressing the heaviest weight safely since before hurting shoulder felt awesome!

 With several classes throughout the day and evening makes it easy to fit in around work and family commitments.  I no longer have to worry about arriving home late from training as my wife also does CrossFit!!

To me health and fitness is the most important, ongoing investment in your life.

If you're thinking of joining then think 'Nothing ventured nothing gained, what have you got to lose?'

Tom 32

Anmare's story

I've always wanted to do CrossFit but was never close enough to a box to participate. When I walked down the driveway to the garage next door my eye caught the Crossfit sign and that was a done deal for me. I live walking distance, what more could I ask for and I had no more excuses.

I've always done some form of exercise. I was always very active in school and continued when I left, joining gyms wherever I lived. However, I found I wasn't motivated enough to attend the normal run of mill gyms training on my own. I needed the group dynamic. So my training involved the usual group training in gyms or here in the UK outdoor group training which was hell in winter. Although I have to add that before I started CrossFit I went through a 4 month slump of doing nothing but walking the dog. I was not in a good place emotionally and physically. 

My goals were to be stronger, lose weight, yup I know that should not be a goal but it was and to tone up, get rid of the flab. Whenever I didn't exercise I felt unhealthy which normally led to eating unhealthy and a general unhealthy life style. Exercising keep me in check in that way. You can't work this hard just to undo it with unhealthy food and drink!

Since I've joined I given up on the weight loss. In fact, I picked up weight but since I started in September 2016 I comfortably fit into my smaller size clothes. I've amended my diet to be more wholesome and it is not a diet anymore, it is healthy way of life. I don't beat myself up if I eat some cake or have a glass of wine.  And I don't go near the scales as much.

Right in the beginning Jeremy said "weight loss" is not a goal. I didn't believe him. I do now. I started the same day as Charlotte and one day she remarked that she didn't notice a different, until I pointed out that we are now consistently doing Level 2 and not 1 anymore.  So I know I am definitely stronger. The team atmosphere is great. We try harder and push the boundaries all the time and a new achievement comes with great cheers.

To be specific about what I find challenging ... Burpees. I find them very challenging but have set myself goals to up the number of full burpees every time we are punished with those. Same with push ups. I struggle with those in the same way and add 1 full pushup everytime we have to do them. I struggle with the gymnastic skills and most of them scare me mentally but I push on and give it a try.

One of the things I enjoy most is setting a new PR, being able to ring the bell :), trying something I've never done before and eventually succeeding. CrossFit makes you do things you never thought you could. 

When I walk into that box I walk into a bubble of happiness for an hour. In that hour I don't think about anything else. The focus is solely on what's in front of me and the feeling is great, euphoric. I wish I could employ that "switch off" in other circumstances. The atmosphere and camaraderie between everyone in the box is something special. There's no airs and graces, it is what it is and no-one judges anyone. If you bump your nose with the bar there's sympathy but also giggles. When you miss the box jump, everyone cheers you on to keep trying and admire your wounds afterwards.

Each and everyone of the coaches bring something really unique to the box and to the training. Jeremy, the forever joker but not allowing anyone to slack, I am really thankful that you opened it right next door to my house. Kelly, kind but also strict and cause of many laughs in the box. 6 inches have a new meaning around here.  James, the drill sergeant with magic massage hands and great advice on how to deal with stiff muscles, tension and the like.He doesn't say sorry anymore when he hurts the hell out of you, because we are all friends now :)  Roman, always smiling and laughing and ready to yell really loud to make sure you finish on a high. Having done a Saturday workout with Roman there's no mercy!  I love that you all are attentive and always checking technique, you are all friends but on the other hand take your job as coaches very serious and are very professional in doing that. I love the most that it feels like a family with you lot :) You all made the effort to get to know each and everyone of us. That is special .

Results? Well the obvious really. I've not lost weight like I intended to but I am more toned where there was flab before, still more work to do there. I fit into my size 12's comfortably.. I am a lot stronger and have stamina and energy. 

My outlook on life has changed for one. Before I started CrossFit I was in a slump of note, emotionally and physically, lived on unhealthy food and couldn't get my butt off the sofa. I am now a lot more focused and energetic. I feel more confident in myself and much stronger.  That change also affected my attitude, made me more positive and given me the confidence to take a stand for myself. My body image was appalling. I hated the look of myself in a mirror. That has changed. And I smile and laugh more :)

Health and fitness have always been extremely important to me. So starting Crossfit has just affirmed that for me and made me more determined to be the best I can. 

There's no negatives. Just after I started Jeremy organised the barbeque day. That was great even though it poured with rain. The Christmas dinner was just as great and very well attended. I also enjoy the social media posts, videos, and interaction in the group. You all keep it fresh and moving along. Getting us to participate in the CrossFit Open unofficially is brilliant. We are all getting to know each other better and the competition and banter is something else.

It is unlike the conventional gym where you work on your own or do the group training routine over and over again.  CrossFit is about team, the community, pushing yourself, being competitive in a safe environment, overall body conditioning and strength training, it is challenging but in a good way, you can work at your own pace and your own ability, there is no pressure, personal coaching, nutritional help and coaching, and if the box has their own sport masseuse, that is a bonus to boot! The workouts are programmed to avoid working same muscle groups consecutively. Groups are smaller to accommodate personal attention from the coaches. Every aspect of health and fitness is looked after by fabulous people. You cannot go wrong! I'm flying the flag for Crossfit Chiltern!

Anmaré Peck, 49

Claudia's story

I had just had my second baby and was looking for a class that would allow me to bring my baby along. There is barely anything locally that caters for mums with babies so when I heard Crossfit Chiltern was launching a class, I jumped at it.

I have always trained regularly and have a real passion and enthusiasm for exercise. 

My initial goal was to regain my pre pregnancy figure and fitness. I didn't have a high expectation of CrossFit though if I'm honest...I thought at a maximum it would get me out the house with second baby and that frankly was enough for now....

 My goals are now focused on acquiring new skills, achieving a better result than I did last time, challenging myself to do things I never thought I could...

Consistent and varied programming of sessions, great instruction and guidance as well as support from the team at Crossfit Chiltern. From feeding my baby milk to cheering me on the achieve a PR, it's allowed me to alter my gaze to more motivating targets. Not just aesthetic, but performance based goals

There's always something different to try at Crossfit. No one is ever in their comfort zone every session. So for me, the strength training has been the most challenging as I've never trained that way before. 

What I love about the training is Challenging myself, learning new skills, tracking improvement.

The community are a bunch of like-minded, positive people. The ethos is really great...the slowest to finish often gets the loudest cheer...we're all in it together and regardless of performance, we're all winners. I like that....

For the coaches Kelly runs most of the BYB classes and I swear she must have pulled the short straw getting that gig! Hearing the babies kick off and us mums barely listening as we've have zero hours sleep for weeks on end....she multi tasks like a pro and makes us feel at ease. Brilliant instruction and obvious passion for her job. She's one of those people where you feel better after seeing her...positive vibes and wicked sense of humour.

As for the rest of them....?! Ha! They're all great trainers and motivators

I climbed a rope!! For the first time ever!! 

It's made a real difference to my life. Being able to move and regain strength and fitness post baby is so empowering. I would be lost without it. Exercise to me equals therapy so CrossFit is basically counselling for me! 

I would (and have countless times - where my commission Jeremy?!) without hesitation recommend CrossFit Chiltern. Give it a go and see where it will take you

Claudia 35

Charlie's Story

 Having done a bit of CrossFit whilst at uni, I wanted to continue now that I’d moved back home. I liked the idea of having the smaller classes – the close proximity to my house also helped quite a lot too!

I’ve been a generic gym-goer since the age of about 18 – never very serious about it – and very little fitness before that time. I did about 4/5 months of CrossFit whilst at uni then took another 4/5 month break from it. When I came home I knew it would be a useful way to get me to where I needed to be in terms of my fitness.

I’ve been almost solely focused on getting myself into the British Army as an Officer. Fitness obviously plays a huge part in this. I passed Army Officer selection!  So now I’ve got into the Army, I just need to keep my fitness progressing steadily and hopefully be in peak condition by the time I begin training.

Having James as a coach has been incredibly helpful – both in terms of his knowledge and his coaching. I’ve also found that the app and the sense of community has kept me consistently coming to sessions, even when I feel like I don’t want to.

Other than specific exercises (double-unders and hand-stands are the bane of my life), I find bringing 100% effort to every session a struggle. So much of this sort of training is a mental game, it’s easy to psyche yourself out of some of the workouts and movements.

I like how challenging it is – mentally and physically. Pushing yourself through workouts that, on paper, seem impossible gives everyone a really good feeling I think. It’s good to experience it with others as well.

Everyone is there to support each other and, as a result, everyone is so easy to get on with – you’re all there for the same reason, doing the same workouts. As I’ve said before, the social element helps to make the workouts enjoyable which really helps to keep me consistently coming back. 

All of the coaches are incredibly approachable and knowledgeable. It’s nice to be able to contact them with any queries or for some advice anytime outside of sessions. As I mentioned before, James has been so helpful in terms of knowledge with the Army stuff, which has been a massive bonus for me.

One of the best things for me has been the fact that I no longer have to spend my free time planning my workouts as I know that, as long as I show up, I’ll get a decent workout in. I think it’s good for mental strength too, it helps you approach seemingly large problems with a much cooler head as you have more confidence in your abilities.

Health & fitness have had to become a very large part of my life due to my career choice, CrossFit has definitely helped with this

If you’re considering it, you may as well just try it. If you find it’s not for you then at least you’ve tried something new and perhaps gotten some new ideas for your own training. It’s a great place full of really welcoming people. I think the fact that you can see everyone making improvements week in, week out says a lot for what goes on at the gym. You can get as much or as little from it as you want.

Charlie, 23

Shane's story

I decided to give Crossfit a go because I was unhappy with results in the gym and lack of motivation. After years of training in isolation I also wanted a group that could push me and where I could meet new people!

My training has been gyming, running, squash and triathlons with some mountain biking as well. I've loved sports my whole life and been doing it since school.

My main goal starting Crossfit was to get stronger and put on some lean muscle. I've struggled with explosiveness in sports and have always seemed to be better at endurance rather than strength. 

I still have the same goals, but only more advanced, as I've notice a huge swing towards strength! 

Since joining Not only has my strength increased I've also really improved on endurance and recovery. Just when you think you're fit in one area a WOD will show you you're not!

The hardest part is mentally pushing through the pain. Over head squats are the worse torture!

The competition and social aspect of training is the most enjoyable part of Crossfit!  Progress is tracked and measurable over the time and it makes it fun to see how you improving!

Crossfit Chiltern has a great community of all sorts! They are all friendly and there is great banter in the box!

Our coaches are very experienced, down to earth and  friendly. You always leave the WOD with more information about what you can improve on and where you did well. The coaches pass on great technique information and encourage you in accomplishing goals.

I've noticed an increase in strength and leanness. I might be seeing a six pack slowly forming :) The positive results showed up very quickly and that surprised me compared to hours in the gym!

The training has made me look forward to exercise and I wish I could attend more often! I feel happier , less tired and stronger! 

Healh and fitnesss has always been very important to me. Crossfit has just made it more enjoyable with faster results!

The only downside is that my wife wants to have a word with Crossfit about me constantly challenging her to push-ups! 

CrossFit will improve your life and make you less stressed and more confident in everyday life! You will be amazed by progress if keep at it.

Shane 36

Chakita's story


Let me be honest, I did not know the concept of cross fit before I got enrolled. Basically I was looking for fulfilled way of shedding weight and inches, after reading the reviews on search engine and seeing the convenience I decided to give it a try.

Tell us about your previous fitness experience.

Hehaheha this makes me crack, either I used to quit in a day or two or coaches had to give up! On a serious note journey of fitness was never as fun before, so it’s the only place I have been constantly dropping in since past 4months, and I’m sure I would continue to do so!

My goal was to lose inches and weight! Now my new mantra is being strong is new thin! I don’t want to be skinny but I want to be strong and fit.

The guys did help me to get strong mentally and physical strength is improving and it is noticeable. I always felt fitness journey is impossible and not my cup of tea, which is fair enough my interests were different but the guys are the reason today I feel ‘I’m possible’

In sessions I compete with myself, I come out of my comfort zone. I find pull ups more challenging one but quiet sure I will learn it soon.

I enjoy everything about it, especially the last minute of the session, not because it’s going back to home time but it gives me sense of achievement when I finish the task after the hard day at work. Even though I feel tiered after work, I make sure I’m at cross fit session, it is addictive and I’m an addict now!

I can go on and on and on about the community. I’m surrounded by fit athletes but all are very down to earth, we support each other, we laugh together, sweat together, and scream together. CrossFit has become my new fitness family. I absolutely love the team.

Coaches are amazing, they are there for each one of us always. They are never bored of teaching you, even though it’s a group activity coaches monitor every individual. They make sure you return to the sessions. They are the true stars of CrossFit Chiltern. They know the best!

I have been battling through stress issues, I feel much better now. It is making me strong physically and emotionally. As I said being strong is the new thin! I’m not dreaming of being skinny any more.

I’m more energetic, I’m more confident, I’m strong, I’m a happy soul J The worst nightmare for me is not being able to continue crossfit!

Health and fitness is something, which is important for every individual. I feel good about myself what more!

I walk out with the new story every day; each story would remain as an important chapters of my life and fitness journey.

On first day of my training I passed out and today I can do almost all the exercises. Short story but narrates it all!

If you're thinking of coming I would just say put on your shoes and hit CrossFit Chiltern! Place is way too perfect,

good coaches + good team = CrossFit Chiltern



Alex's story so far..


I have always been into sport but it’s only been in the last 3 years that I have picked up the pace and started trying to improve my general fitness and strength levels. I started off with just a gym membership and doing what I thought was best, until I met Jeremy as a Personal Trainer.

I approached Jeremy because I wanted to try and put some structure around everything. At that point Jeremy introduced me to CrossFit Chiltern when it was launched earlier this year.

When I first started training my fitness goals were quite generic really, just to be fitter and stronger than I currently am. I can also add in flexibility to one of my goals now!

I feel I have achieved a lot in my short CrossFit journey. I have learnt new techniques in Olympic Lifting, I have pushed myself and broken all my barbell PB's, and most importantly, this has made training so much fun!

I am an IT Consultant by day which is quite flexible in terms of time, although sometimes I do have to work away.  However, It has been quite handy that I have been able to find CrossFit Boxes around Europe to drop in at to make sure I keep my training going.

My favourite aspect of CrossFit is the feeling you get on the way home... you're absolutely buzzing and you just can’t wait for the next session. Aside from that, I love the mix of strength and fitness in every session.

I think the biggest misconception about CrossFit is the whole kipping pull ups. Everyone sees these and just laughs or thinks about the injuries. CrossFit is so much more than kipping pull ups! To be honest, I used to laugh at CrossFit too, until i tried it myself!

For anyone thinking about having a go… If you want to increase your fitness levels and strength and have fun, you need to try CrossFit!

Alex - Member of the CrossFit Chiltern community

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