After I finished playing rugby I found that I had no motivation to go to the gym. This was really frustrating as in the past I've always been active and kept to a strict exercise regime. However as I didn't really have a goals I just kept coming up with excuses and ended up not going for months on end. Once I heard that there was a local crossfit gym, I signed up straight away knowing that they would give me the kick up the backside I needed! I also had a knee injury that need rehabilitating, so I thought that Crossfit would be able to help me out.

 In the past I've competed in many different sports, from rugby to gymnastics to freestyle skiing, and they all required a lot of fitness. 

One of my main goals was to strengthen my left quad in order to provide the support my injured knee needed. Also the majority of my work involves sitting down and so I was feeling like I was becoming stagnant! I really wanted to shake the dust off and kick start a regime that would allow me to get back to the fitness I use to have when playing competItive sport. 

Due to the competitive nature of the sport I now find myself wanting push my fitness beyond what I had achieved in the past and goal is now to enter the next Crossfit Open Comp (2018)

Since joining my injured knee has completely healed and is as strong as ever. This is something I definitely could not have achieved with out the help and guidance of the excellent coaches. My fitness and strength has also increased dramatically, and I am starting to feel as good as I did when I was at the peak of playing competitive sports

When I first thought of CrossFit I thought that the physical hardship of the works outs would be the toughest thing, however for me it is mental aspect! The mental strength required to get through some of the WODs (Workout of the days) is huge!  Some people are brilliant at it but for me, I've had to become much stronger mentally. Surprisingly I find this metal toughness something which is actually really useful for other things outside of Crossfit  as well! 

I love the competitiveness of it! In the past there is no way I would get up at 05:30 on a Friday morning to go to the gym. But now I don't think twice!! 

The community at Chiltern Crossfit is one of the best bits about club. There are no awkward silences and glances like you would get at the gym,  everyone is hugely supportive! From cheering each other on, helping with technique and even supplying home baked goods!! 

In my opinion coaches are the most important thing about making CrossFit work well. I've been to other Crossfit gyms in the past and this one has by far the best coaches. They all bring different qualities and really go out of their way to help with whatever issues you may have. They push you to meet your goals in a safe and friendly way and work hard to create a fun and social atmosphere in the box. 

Training has make a huge difference to my life. I have tons more energy, I don't have to worry about my knee injury and has most importantly helped me to create a much needed routine! 

Fitness has always been important to me, I just lacked the motivation to do anything about it. Now I'm exercising again I'm finding myself reseachering left right and centre about how to become fitter

Last Saturday i managed to get to the last round of the workout. Everybody else had finished and instead of packing away their bits they all joined in with clapping and offering words of encouragement which got me over the final hurdle! Its’s such a great feeling to have that kind of support! 

If you were like me, struggling with motivation and didn’t know what you were doing with regards to exercise plans then CrossFit is totally for you. You don’t have to think! You turn up, get blitzed and as a result get very fit!! The fact that every workout is scalable makes it perfect for any age, ability or size!  

Dom 26