I had just had my second baby and was looking for a class that would allow me to bring my baby along. There is barely anything locally that caters for mums with babies so when I heard Crossfit Chiltern was launching a class, I jumped at it.

I have always trained regularly and have a real passion and enthusiasm for exercise. 

My initial goal was to regain my pre pregnancy figure and fitness. I didn't have a high expectation of CrossFit though if I'm honest...I thought at a maximum it would get me out the house with second baby and that frankly was enough for now....

 My goals are now focused on acquiring new skills, achieving a better result than I did last time, challenging myself to do things I never thought I could...

Consistent and varied programming of sessions, great instruction and guidance as well as support from the team at Crossfit Chiltern. From feeding my baby milk to cheering me on the achieve a PR, it's allowed me to alter my gaze to more motivating targets. Not just aesthetic, but performance based goals

There's always something different to try at Crossfit. No one is ever in their comfort zone every session. So for me, the strength training has been the most challenging as I've never trained that way before. 

What I love about the training is Challenging myself, learning new skills, tracking improvement.

The community are a bunch of like-minded, positive people. The ethos is really great...the slowest to finish often gets the loudest cheer...we're all in it together and regardless of performance, we're all winners. I like that....

For the coaches Kelly runs most of the BYB classes and I swear she must have pulled the short straw getting that gig! Hearing the babies kick off and us mums barely listening as we've have zero hours sleep for weeks on end....she multi tasks like a pro and makes us feel at ease. Brilliant instruction and obvious passion for her job. She's one of those people where you feel better after seeing her...positive vibes and wicked sense of humour.

As for the rest of them....?! Ha! They're all great trainers and motivators

I climbed a rope!! For the first time ever!! 

It's made a real difference to my life. Being able to move and regain strength and fitness post baby is so empowering. I would be lost without it. Exercise to me equals therapy so CrossFit is basically counselling for me! 

I would (and have countless times - where my commission Jeremy?!) without hesitation recommend CrossFit Chiltern. Give it a go and see where it will take you

Claudia 35