Let me be honest, I did not know the concept of cross fit before I got enrolled. Basically I was looking for fulfilled way of shedding weight and inches, after reading the reviews on search engine and seeing the convenience I decided to give it a try.

Tell us about your previous fitness experience.

Hehaheha this makes me crack, either I used to quit in a day or two or coaches had to give up! On a serious note journey of fitness was never as fun before, so it’s the only place I have been constantly dropping in since past 4months, and I’m sure I would continue to do so!

My goal was to lose inches and weight! Now my new mantra is being strong is new thin! I don’t want to be skinny but I want to be strong and fit.

The guys did help me to get strong mentally and physical strength is improving and it is noticeable. I always felt fitness journey is impossible and not my cup of tea, which is fair enough my interests were different but the guys are the reason today I feel ‘I’m possible’

In sessions I compete with myself, I come out of my comfort zone. I find pull ups more challenging one but quiet sure I will learn it soon.

I enjoy everything about it, especially the last minute of the session, not because it’s going back to home time but it gives me sense of achievement when I finish the task after the hard day at work. Even though I feel tiered after work, I make sure I’m at cross fit session, it is addictive and I’m an addict now!

I can go on and on and on about the community. I’m surrounded by fit athletes but all are very down to earth, we support each other, we laugh together, sweat together, and scream together. CrossFit has become my new fitness family. I absolutely love the team.

Coaches are amazing, they are there for each one of us always. They are never bored of teaching you, even though it’s a group activity coaches monitor every individual. They make sure you return to the sessions. They are the true stars of CrossFit Chiltern. They know the best!

I have been battling through stress issues, I feel much better now. It is making me strong physically and emotionally. As I said being strong is the new thin! I’m not dreaming of being skinny any more.

I’m more energetic, I’m more confident, I’m strong, I’m a happy soul J The worst nightmare for me is not being able to continue crossfit!

Health and fitness is something, which is important for every individual. I feel good about myself what more!

I walk out with the new story every day; each story would remain as an important chapters of my life and fitness journey.

On first day of my training I passed out and today I can do almost all the exercises. Short story but narrates it all!

If you're thinking of coming I would just say put on your shoes and hit CrossFit Chiltern! Place is way too perfect,

good coaches + good team = CrossFit Chiltern