Having done a bit of CrossFit whilst at uni, I wanted to continue now that I’d moved back home. I liked the idea of having the smaller classes – the close proximity to my house also helped quite a lot too!

I’ve been a generic gym-goer since the age of about 18 – never very serious about it – and very little fitness before that time. I did about 4/5 months of CrossFit whilst at uni then took another 4/5 month break from it. When I came home I knew it would be a useful way to get me to where I needed to be in terms of my fitness.

I’ve been almost solely focused on getting myself into the British Army as an Officer. Fitness obviously plays a huge part in this. I passed Army Officer selection!  So now I’ve got into the Army, I just need to keep my fitness progressing steadily and hopefully be in peak condition by the time I begin training.

Having James as a coach has been incredibly helpful – both in terms of his knowledge and his coaching. I’ve also found that the app and the sense of community has kept me consistently coming to sessions, even when I feel like I don’t want to.

Other than specific exercises (double-unders and hand-stands are the bane of my life), I find bringing 100% effort to every session a struggle. So much of this sort of training is a mental game, it’s easy to psyche yourself out of some of the workouts and movements.

I like how challenging it is – mentally and physically. Pushing yourself through workouts that, on paper, seem impossible gives everyone a really good feeling I think. It’s good to experience it with others as well.

Everyone is there to support each other and, as a result, everyone is so easy to get on with – you’re all there for the same reason, doing the same workouts. As I’ve said before, the social element helps to make the workouts enjoyable which really helps to keep me consistently coming back. 

All of the coaches are incredibly approachable and knowledgeable. It’s nice to be able to contact them with any queries or for some advice anytime outside of sessions. As I mentioned before, James has been so helpful in terms of knowledge with the Army stuff, which has been a massive bonus for me.

One of the best things for me has been the fact that I no longer have to spend my free time planning my workouts as I know that, as long as I show up, I’ll get a decent workout in. I think it’s good for mental strength too, it helps you approach seemingly large problems with a much cooler head as you have more confidence in your abilities.

Health & fitness have had to become a very large part of my life due to my career choice, CrossFit has definitely helped with this

If you’re considering it, you may as well just try it. If you find it’s not for you then at least you’ve tried something new and perhaps gotten some new ideas for your own training. It’s a great place full of really welcoming people. I think the fact that you can see everyone making improvements week in, week out says a lot for what goes on at the gym. You can get as much or as little from it as you want.

Charlie, 23