I initially saw an advertisement on facebook and had heard from friends who are members of other boxes how great it is so wanted to give it a go.

I have always had a gym membership but was struggling to find the motivation to go.

Improve fitness levels, gain muscle, lose body fat, learn how to lift weights safely using correct technique

I am now confident lifting weights, my fitness levels have improved greatly and I can feel my physique changing week on week

What I find most challenging are Pull ups (even band assisted) and cardio (I really dislike having to run to the post box!)

What I enjoy most is that every day there is a new challenge and occasionally, on the whiteboard, it looks pretty easy but I don’t think I have ever completed a WoD which I haven’t found challenging. I love that everything can be scaled to suit personal fitness levels.

The CrossFit Chiltern community is great! Everyone supports and motivates each other through every session.

The coaches are really good, as the groups are so small they are always helping you with your technique and making sure there are no half squats or lunges (there is no hiding in the back!)

Training has made a big difference to me! I struggled for 18 months with an inner thigh injury and it wasn’t until I started working out at CrossFit did I see an improvement.

Sign up! Regardless of ability or fitness level CrossFit is great for everyone

Hannah, 28