Crossfit I have always been an active person regularly going to the gym over the last 10 years. However, I moved and stopped going for 3 years as I never really found a gym I felt at home with. I remember my first encounter with Crossfit was in 2013 when I stumbled across the newly opened Crossfit Fuengirola, Spain when I was visiting my mother and it looked really interesting. I had seen some similar equipment (Olympic Lifting and gymnastic rigs) in the Reebok gym I was attending in London. It looked like something I would enjoy, to some it is quite daunting, doing handstands, pull ups and lifting barbells but its not with some good coaching and practice.

I have always preferred working in a group environment where there is team spirit, competition and motivation. In 2016 I started to look for a Crossfit close to where I live in Amersham and could only find ones too far away. Then a flyer came through the door and I decided to join Crossfit Chiltern, located in Amersham. The experience with them has been a great one, from initial consultation through the Foundation Programme and the daily “WOD’s” (work out of the day).

The team are very welcoming and there is a great group of people who attend of all ages and abilities. The comradery is not something that you see at a gym, it is a very friendly place where you know everyone’s name. Everyone helps everyone else and we all share in everyone’s success either in achieving a new skill or personal best. If you are looking to have fun and get fit or looking to get fit and have some fun then Crossfit is a great place to start.

If you want to make some changes to your life, then this is a place that can do this. Since I joined I can now do a handstand which I have never done in my life, I have regained some of fitness and have managed to reduce my fat mass by 3.3kgs, increase my muscle mass by 3.5kgs and reduce my body fat percentage by 4.1%. That’s was achieved by attending twice a week since I started in September 2016 with no change in diet (I love pizza and beer). Thanks to Jeremy, Kelly, James and Roman you are a great team and I have now become a Crossfit convert and it is an important part of life. Regards Richard