I'd done a small bit of CrossFit in Holland when working over seas but stopped pretty quickly as relocated back to UK.  I was amazed to have something so close on my door step so instantly cancelled the gym after my introductory sessions and decided CrossFit was the way forward.

Tell us about your previous fitness experience.  Mainly the gym plus some running / footy.  I used to get pretty bored of the gym like waiting for machines for instance.  I love the way in CF you know your there for an hour and there is no hiding -  a guaranteed decent workout.

What I find most challenging about the sessions are the techniques of some of the weight lifting but this will come with practice I guess.  Likewise double unders and pulls ups!

What I enjoy most is that I know I'm guaranteed to have a decent hours work out opposed to wandering around a busy gym!

The community a great bunch of people, all very supportive towards each other respecting each others limits.  Not like a typical meat head section part of a gym where some people fret to go...

The coaches very easy going and friendly.  All knowledgeable and take the time to explain any questions/techniques.

In terms of results all previous weight lifting PB's increased and managed more than 3 pull ups in a row now!

In terms of my life i think you generally feel better as a person when your active (well i certainly do).  I become more awake and energised during days.

 I remember turning up and the place was still being fitted out when I met Jeremy.  What he sold that day was exactly what was said on the tin.  And is only complimented by the fast rise in members! from when I started.

If you were talking to someone thinking of starting training with us what would you say to them?  "Give it a go, just try it!!"  CrossFit sounds worse than it is as people half in the know associate weightlifting with it and can be put off.  im not sure people understand that all levels of fitness can attend, with the different scaling options provided. 

Ryan, 31