I decided to give Crossfit a go because I was unhappy with results in the gym and lack of motivation. After years of training in isolation I also wanted a group that could push me and where I could meet new people!

My training has been gyming, running, squash and triathlons with some mountain biking as well. I've loved sports my whole life and been doing it since school.

My main goal starting Crossfit was to get stronger and put on some lean muscle. I've struggled with explosiveness in sports and have always seemed to be better at endurance rather than strength. 

I still have the same goals, but only more advanced, as I've notice a huge swing towards strength! 

Since joining Not only has my strength increased I've also really improved on endurance and recovery. Just when you think you're fit in one area a WOD will show you you're not!

The hardest part is mentally pushing through the pain. Over head squats are the worse torture!

The competition and social aspect of training is the most enjoyable part of Crossfit!  Progress is tracked and measurable over the time and it makes it fun to see how you improving!

Crossfit Chiltern has a great community of all sorts! They are all friendly and there is great banter in the box!

Our coaches are very experienced, down to earth and  friendly. You always leave the WOD with more information about what you can improve on and where you did well. The coaches pass on great technique information and encourage you in accomplishing goals.

I've noticed an increase in strength and leanness. I might be seeing a six pack slowly forming :) The positive results showed up very quickly and that surprised me compared to hours in the gym!

The training has made me look forward to exercise and I wish I could attend more often! I feel happier , less tired and stronger! 

Healh and fitnesss has always been very important to me. Crossfit has just made it more enjoyable with faster results!

The only downside is that my wife wants to have a word with Crossfit about me constantly challenging her to push-ups! 

CrossFit will improve your life and make you less stressed and more confident in everyday life! You will be amazed by progress if keep at it.

Shane 36