I looked online for a new personal trainer as my previous one PT was injured and had stop the PT side of her business to concentrate on her triathletes- Jeremy answered a message I place on an app I found 

I have exercised since the age of 5 with ballet and tap , then judo for 10 years , netball and hockey whilst a school then played volleyball for 30 years ( I still run a club) and have also been a member  of various gyms since my early thirties.

I joined to achieve a better level of fitness after three years of operations on knees and legs ( due to too much exercise one doctor said !) and to lose weight 

I started off with personal training with Kelly and then switched to CrossFit. When I train I feel I have achieved something finished and I’m glad that the trainers scale the workouts to your ability 

The community are very friendly and encouraging and coaches are great very approachable encouraging and fun to be around

When I first started I achieved some weight loss which was great.

If I were talking to someone thinking of starting training with CrossFit Chiltern I would tell them 'Go for it!' 

Susan 58 years (59 next month)