I had competed in athletics since aged 12 in the 100/200m sprints up until a couple years ago when I finally hung up my spikes to pursue new, more varied fitness challenges (other than running fast in a straight line!) that I could fit in more easily around my lifestyle. Replacing a sport I had done for 18 years was incredibly hard as it formed a big part of my identity. Olympic weight lifting and high intensity interval sessions had always been part of my training, so CrossFit Chiltern was the perfect fit. 

Before I joined my goals were to improve my strength and aerobic endurance and to eventually learn a muscle-up!

In CrossFit it doesn't take long to reveal your strengths or weaknesses as you try many different types of skills, movements and fitness levels, there is always something to aim for. Whilst it's completely unrealistic I usually want to come top of every WOD I do so I'll probably never be satisfied! Like in athletics there is always someone faster than you....unless you're Usain Bolt!

In my training I dread anything overhead! I previously dislocated my shoulder twice playing rugby and a third time doing a shoulder press! Even after having an op to mend it I'm still ultra cautious and CrossFit is perfect for getting strong and confident again.

The best things are the variety, intensity and challenging the inner (and sometimes outer!) competitiveness in me!

Coaches are all very friendly, knowledgeable, accommodating, encouraging and good fun!

In terms of results. Power cleaning my body weight and shoulder pressing the heaviest weight safely since before hurting shoulder felt awesome!

 With several classes throughout the day and evening makes it easy to fit in around work and family commitments.  I no longer have to worry about arriving home late from training as my wife also does CrossFit!!

To me health and fitness is the most important, ongoing investment in your life.

If you're thinking of joining then think 'Nothing ventured nothing gained, what have you got to lose?'

Tom 32