I was recommended by my partner as he saw you offered BYB classes. I used to always belong to a gym, do various classes, bit of yoga and swimming too- I just sort of "pottered along" with exercise never had any workout goals.

Since joining I actually have goals! Using the app I can actually see myself getting stronger.And I like that crossfit concentrates more on getting stronger and fitter rather than skinnier. 

Kelly really helped me construct my goals, (in that 1.1 she gave me- and me and Ryan use the excel sheet that you gave us Jeremy)  Kelly also always helps me on where to pitch myself in sessions/WODs?

The most challeging part of the sessions was technique - and I can never remember the names of all the barbell stuff. 

I enjoy knowing that every session your guaranteed to work your arse off.  Plus Friendly, good banter with no "meat head" mentality.

I think all the coaches have a real sound knowledge and passion for what they do. It's a professional yet friendly set up.

It has made a big difference to my life. Particularly being on mat leave- it's a big part of mine and Bryson's weekly routine. And it's inspiring being around other mums who are absolutely killin' it! 

I've even started to be competitive with myself! 

if you want a proper workout, a friendly atmosphere and somewhere to take your baby - come to crossfit. It honestly doesn't matter how good you are, the only competition is with yourself.

Joella, 29