I came to Crossfit because the variety of exercise appeals to me, I like the fact that you combine conditioning, with strength exercises and gymnastics.  

I just got either bored or injured doing exercises like body pump or spinning and every time I got injured (I suffer of lower back problems) I would stop and then not do anything for months. I tried doing weights at the local gym but I am not great at exercising on my own...

My goals were just getting healthier and fitter, plus built up some strength, would be nice to loose some body fat too...

The coaches are always giving me confidence and encourage me to achieve higher results and most importantly not give up when injured.

I find anything to do with barbells quite challenging, but I think it has more to do with me worrying about hurting my lower back, its like a mental blockage sometimes.

I like the variety of it, the combination of exercises and I like that sometimes I train with a triathlon athlete and sometimes with athletes same level as me...

I also appreciate the fact that when you have an injury you get encouraged to train, every training can be scaled and alternated to suit your level. 

With regards to the community I like how we all encourage each other, I never feel equate, there is always someone at the same level. 

Every coach is totally different, but what they all have in common is a passion for what they are doing and as a member you can feel that. 

I can jump now 20 inches without any hesitation, even jumped 24 inches high I managed some handstands and two double unders ...that was unthinkable 6 months ago!

When asked if the training has made a difference to my life my answer is 'Yes my husband thinks so...'I just feel healthier, stronger and ultimately happier. 

My health has been important since I had children, I just want to be around for a very long time. It changed yes, you see results and it encourages you to do more. 

Its amazing how much stronger I got in such a short period of time. I used to suffer from very bad migraine and since I do Crossfit I can't remember last time I had a headache. 

If you're thinking of joining the community aspect, the variety of exercises: combination of building strength, conditioning and gymnastics. 

There is something for everybody.

Nicoletta, 45