My husband started at CrossFit Chiltern a few months before me and was constantly talking about the classes and showing me the app.  I was intrigued . . but I wasn't going to join as I was happy doing the outside bootcamp style sessions and running. 

But then my husband signed me up anyway! 

I wasn't sure what to expect.  I insisted that I wasn't interested in weight lifting and I couldn't understand how 8 minutes of exercise could make a difference to my fitness.  I decided my goal would be to do a chin up. 

I started classes (after the Foundations programme) in January and I have to admit I have quite quickly become addicted!  What amazes me is the rapid progress I have made - last night I beat my previous '1 rep max' by 10kg for squat cleans.  Also my body is changing - my back has so much more definition for example.  I have done so many things I have never done before and I'm enjoying the challenge.  The app is really useful too - you can see what is coming up tomorrow.

Having done outside bootcamp style classes before I was aware of the community spirit element but it's even better at CrossFit Chiltern.  Partly thanks to the great coaches who encourage you and work with you (literally sometimes!) and partly thanks to the other members who cheer me through when I'm struggling and partly due to the app where you can 'fistbump' other members when they have done well.

There are plenty of options of training times and what is really convenient for me is that there is a viewing area so my son can watch/play on the iPad if my husband isn't home.  In fact, my son, who is 5, even attends the gym for the 'Juniors' sessions run on Mondays and Wednesdays!  All of the family are CrossFit obsessed now!

I have done 27 classes and I still get nervous before every class.  I thought I wouldn't be good enough.  There are obviously super fit people who attend but there are also those who want to be fitter and all the workouts are scaled for any level of ability, experience and injury so that everyone can take part as equals.

I attend the classes mainly to improve my fitness and strength but I also really enjoy the whole experience!

Sarah Lloyd, 35