I noticed the advert for the new box, in the local Amersham newsletter. I am always up for trying new things and the more I read, the more I was intrigued. Colleagues at work had raved on about CrossFit but all of the classes were in London ie. far out and expensive. So when I looked into the location, a five minute drive was extremely appealing!

As a busy mum of two, I don’t have a lot of spare time and anytime spent in the gym previously, seemed a little fruitless. Jeremy explained the benefits of a total body workout in every class. That certainly seemed worth coming out for.

Although I thought it was a lot to pay compared to the local gym, Jeremy certainly sold it to me on the more or less PT style with small class sizes.

I have never trained with weights before, apart from the odd Body pump class and was a little apprehensive to be honest. I have had some back injury issues and was also keen to be observed closely by the instructors and remain injury free. Jeremy reassured me each coach would be highly trained and advise on scaled options.

I also liked the fact I could come to late 8pm or early 6.30am classes, which suited my lifestyle. All in all, it seemed like a “win, win” scenario. If I didn’t want to continue, I had the flexibility to give notice and leave. No contracts or tie-ins like traditional gyms….and so I became a member of the “Founding Fifty”!

I had actually recently moved to Amersham and was very proud to have completed the London Marathon last April, amongst the chaos of moving and training over winter. It was a big achievement for me and I wanted to get stronger in able to run more efficiently and remain injury free.

I had joined a local gym but rarely went. It was money down the drain and I was tied in to the contract. Most of the good classes were at 7pm and I could not make them due to child care issues. Also, I did not know anyone in the gym so it felt a little isolated and boring, to be honest!

I have always been quite slim but as I was running at weekends and some weeknights, I was losing too much weight! I needed to gain more muscle and was not getting much in the way of results at the local gym.

My initial goals were to gain more strength, core stability and confidence in training.

I definitely noticed greater stamina and power to continue during the Ealing half-marathon I ran in Sept 2016. That was down to CrossFit.

Since I've started my goals have changed. I realised I am still injury-prone and as I cannot commit to more than twice a week, progress has been a little slow for me. My goal now is to remain injury-free, work on my core stability and keep motivated to work at the lower levels until I get stronger!

I have accessed  extra techniques sessions and they were really good. However, I need to possibly have 1-2 PT sessions to ensure I am using optimal technique with my back issues.

Most challenging in my sessions are exercise like squat snatches. Any squat movements, as they can be a bit difficult if my back is feeling a little stiff.

I also find rowing a challenge and have certainly improved but need to keep getting better (I missed the rowing techniques session)!

I love the “family” atmosphere. Everyone talks to each other and supports each other. There is no ego or “attitude” in the box. It’s all about being the best you can be. I feel comfortable and accepted – we are all the same team. I think that’s really important to help one to remain driven to push beyond one’s own expectations. It is highly addictive and I genuinely feel sad when I miss a session at the box!!

The “OPEN” has really been a test of team work and my lovely co-athletes have really gone out of their way to “share the love” ;)

In addition people are very active in posting on the FB page and helping each other with hints and tips. I love it!

All the coaches are superb. They all have their strengths. Kelly is great at motivating us on a Saturday morning and keeps a check on individual progress. James has been really patient and helped me a lot in my first few weeks at the box. It took me ages to get some of the moves correct but he kept correcting me! Also, he gives an awesome sports massage.

Roman – has been amazing and really pushed me a few weeks ago to reach a PB deadlift! Always smiling and cheering us on in classes.

Jeremy – well, he is the boss. He has to be nice to us ;) Jeremy is quite precise and will not let me get away without pushing beyond my comfort zone. I like his relaxing coaching style and that sense of humour helps.

In terms of results I would point to Better performance in HM; PB deadlift a few weeks ago.

 I am more confident in the box now. I am aware I am still probably not as strong as other ladies but it doesn’t matter. It’s not a competition amongst others, it’s a competition with yourself. I am always cautious about bringing on back injury but I keep going and push myself as much as I can.

I love the social aspect and enjoy meeting others each week.

I have definitely noticed the weight piles on more quickly as you get older. It’s also a great stress buster to exercise. I would say, I am more aware of the importance of exercise in the past few months. I have also had a couple of health scares, reminding me to slow down. XFIT helps me channel that stress and come out feeling happier (and extremely sore on some days!).

CrossFit is a great start for a total body workout, if you are short of time and want max outcomes. It’s more likely to give you solid results if you can train three times a week. Don’t expect to come in and hide – do mingle and you’ll get more out of your sessions. Friends are more likely to cheer you on in those moments when you feel you can’t go on. Give it a go – you have nothing to lose (apart from the monthly fees!). There is no tie- in and lots of flexibility to book and cancel sessions if needed. I would really recommend it for all mums, as we can go for it and feel like we have trained hard after every session. The coaches are all fab and the support network is there. You’ll regret it if you don’t give it a go x

Gurdeep – in my 30’s!