I was stuck in a rut with exercise and looking for something closer to home so it was perfect timing when the CrossFit Chiltern leaflet dropped through my letterbox! I was initially wary of CrossFit, all I had heard that you lifted as heavy as you could until you were sick, or you got injured! I very quickly learned this was totally unfounded and I was hooked straight after from my foundations classes. The things that appealed to me the most were the varied WODs, knowledgeable coaches who guide you through the technique and small class size – for someone like me who loses interest in exercise quickly, this was just what I needed!

Having a busy job, I’ve found it very hard over the years to stick to an exercise routine. I was going to a HIIT class once a week at the gym close to work – it was so boring, the same exercises every week with a very uninspiring instructor who made very little effort to vary things up. I wasn’t getting any results in getting fitter or changing my physique.

Not knowing a huge amount before I started CrossFit, my goal was to get generally fitter and to improve my upper body strength, which was virtually non-existent before I started. I was also keen to lose weight and drop a couple of dress sizes.

My entire perception of fitness has changed since I started CrossFit, in my mind the measure of fitness was based on the scales and clothes size. Now my goals are based on what I’m capable of achieving rather than looking in a mirror. My goals are now to keep improving, to nail the perfect technique, to be able to lift heavier, and to be the fittest that I can be.

The most challengni part is Pre-WOD nerves, sometimes they look frankly terrifying (AMRAP 7 of burpees!), so getting over that mental block can be a challenge but they are always designed to push you – so it’s just a case of turning up and giving it your best regardless of how challenging it looks!

In terms of what I enjoy it's everything! I have particularly enjoyed the stress relief that CrossFit brings, it’s an hour of entirely physical activity – all of the stresses of day to day life are put to one side and you just focus on the task at hand.

The CrossFit Chiltern community is amazing! Having only moved here around a year ago, it’s great to make some friends in the area. It’s also incredible to be a part of a community of people working towards a common goal. The encouragement that you get from the CrossFit community is amazing, every single person is cheered on to the very end – even when you’ve got nothing left in the tank towards the end of a tough workout, everyone will keep you going! I had expected it to be a competitive environment, but that couldn’t be further from the reality.

The coaches are the BEST! They really take the time and care to teach the techniques properly. With the small class sizes, they are able to make sure that everyone maintains the proper form and are able to advise on weights and technique. They always encourage you to do your best, and are the first ones to pick you up if you are down!

Exercising was something that I didn’t prioritise as much as I should have done, and something that I really had to try to make time for. CrossFit and exercise is now ingrained in my day to day life and something that I actively choose to prioritise. I actually now feel antsy if I don’t work out!

If you're thinking of joining just give it a go! You really have nothing to lose, you will be led by expert coaches who make the classes fun as well as pushing you to your limit and you will be amazed by how much you can achieve!