I started CrossFit a few years ago after hearing my colleague at work tell me all of the "crazy" things they made her do and thinking, "maybe this will help get in better shape for my Summer vacation?"  So I signed up, almost fainted during my 1st on-ramp class but really liked the coaches and it was so close to where I lived I thought it would be worth giving it at least a month and ended up going to the same box for 3 years.

I've always preferred morning classes, in part because it's easy to roll out of bed and not make an excuse for not having enough time later in the day and also found that it was a privilege, as mostly there were only a handful of us in the class so felt like personal training sessions.

I moved to the UK from the US in 2014 and struggled to find a new box.  I signed up to the local gym, tried running and other activities but always really wanted to go back to CrossFit.  Last Summer I found CrossFit Chiltern and was so excited that there was a new place fairly close to home that I immediately got in contact.  I remember meeting Jeremy for the 1st time, he explained the goal of keeping classes small and building a strong box and I was completely sold.

Personally, my goal is to simply wake up and be active through the crazy WODs that seem to fall from the sky.  What I enjoy most is the sense of accomplishment after getting through it and setting new benchmarks.  I'm not the most competitive and I've had a few box scars to keep me from getting overly excited but the sense of family and community at CrossFit Chiltern is priceless.

I am extra thankful for the brilliant coaches who are worth waking up in the morning for and invest their time in little people like us.

Going to CrossFit and being part of the CrossFit Chiltern family makes me feel stronger and I absolutely love it!

Dayanis  38