Foundations at Crossfit Chiltern

The aim of the Foundations is firstly to expose you to the 9 fundamental movements used in CrossFit and to work on your skill development.

It's also a great opportunity to build up your fitness with each session structured to cover not only skill development but also strength, endurance, mobility and more.

We will prepare you to enter the CrossFit classes knowing that you can confidently carry out the movement safely, confidently and efficiently.  

The 9 fundamental movements of CrossFit are:

  1. The Squat

  2. The Front Squat

  3. The Overhead Squat

  4. The Press

  5. The Push Press

  6. The Push Jerk

  7. The Sumo Deadlift High Pull

  8. The Deadlift

  9. The Medicine Ball Clean

These are just the basic movements; we will also be teaching you Kettlebell skills for conditioning, gymnastic skills for mid-line stability, Olympic lifts the clean, clean and jerk and the snatch. Plyometric skills like box jumping, jump rope work. All these and many more will be covered in the ON RAMP.

Foundations Programme

The On Ramp is performed in 6 x 45 Minute 1:1 Personal training sessions with a CrossFit coach plus a week of our 3 a week membership at CrossFit Chiltern

Cost is £180 for the 6 Sessions you can purchase and book in here.

PLease make sure you book in for your no sweat consultation prior to your first Foundations session

On completion of the ‘Foundations’ you are free to join our box or start personal training. This is just the start of your journey; We aim to make fitness part of your lifestyle, helping you remain to be constantly motivated, encouraged and inspired to reach higher heights.