Limitless Games 2019



Final results with no time penalty

Final results with no time penalty

Final day 1 results with time penalty

Final day 1 results with time penalty

What a fantastic day of competition!!!

The all white sheet represents the times without penalty. This is the result for Event 1 of the Games Final. These athletes receive the points listed towards their total points on Finals Day. We have 4 to 5 further workouts to complete next Saturday 11am-4pm

Highlights of today

Jurga Umbra Winning Ladies Masters - Just 11 seconds separating Imogen Martin and Jurga into last event. Isabel. Jurga smashed through in 1:28! Jurga takes a 2 point lead into the Final day of the Ladies Scaled final.

Ben Roberts winning today's event in Men's Masters with just 18 seconds between 1st and 3rd going into the last event of 'Ball Buster'. The guys looked thoroughly broken on the burpees on this one!

Nick Gradwell winning the Men's Scaled event. Destroying Isabel in 53 seconds!! And Simon Martin finishing the Wall balls in 2:52 to beat Nader Ibrahim into the Final. Every other event both of them were within 15 seconds either way.

Claudia Hobbs winning the Ladies Rx event today. Most events she was pretty closely followed by another competitor with the exception of an excellent 3:59 Fran today! We hope Libby Marsden can recover in time for next week to make a final 3!

Stuart Wilson winning a hotly contested Men's Rx Event 1. His 2:45 Isabel time was the deciding factor on this one. Russell Goldman and Shane McCall both look strong competition so next week should be exciting!

Going into the Final Day we have the following athletes

Ladies Rx

Claudia Hobbs

Jessica Neethling

Libby Marsden (Subject to Injury)

Men's Rx

Stuart Wilson

Shane McCall

Russell Goldman

Ladies Scaled

Jurga Umbra

Imogen Martin

Taryn Kate McCall

Men's Scaled

Nick Gradwell

Mark Thomas

Simon Martin

Men's Masters

Russell Hughes

Robert Kowalski

Ben Roberts

Qualifying Scores

This is an event in which members will battle to discover who is the Fittest. Due to the moving of the CrossFit Open this year we are forced to hold the games earlier with a change of schedule happening for 2020. With the qualifiers running over the school holidays we have a longer qualifying period running through the next 8 weeks with your top 6 workouts counting towards the final score.

To enter all you need to do is change your name on sugarWOD via the setting page. YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE TO ATTEND THE FINAL EVENTS IF YOU ENTER. See below for all the details.


Finals Day 1 - Saturday 21st September: 7:30am-10am


So the Semi-Final or Finals Day 1 (whichever you prefer) will kick off at 7:30 on Saturday 21st September. The Event will count as a qualifier for Finals Day 2 on 28th, plus it will also count as the first workout of the Final.

Qualifying for the Final:

The Four competitors in each category will compete in a series of 5 workouts. Each workout will commence every 12 minutes for an hour. As a tribute to the 2008 CrossFit Games and a preview of the 2020 CrossFit Games we will be running it as an Every Second Counts format

The time of each individual workout will be added together to create a total time.

The lowest combined time of the 5 workouts will be the winning score

For qualifying for the Final there will be a time penalty 30 secs for every point you finished behind the 1st place person in qualifying. (as you can see on the results). This scoring will also determine the Ladies Masters winner between Jurga Umbra and Imogen Martin.

This should make for a really exciting hour of fitness so anyone wishing to come and watch and help judging would be most appreciated.

I will be announcing Events over the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!

There will be no 8am class on the 21st as the Semi Final will take it's place so come watch and be inspired for the 9am class!

Finals Day 2 - Saturday 28th September: 11am-5pm

Only a maximum of 3 competitors from each category will make it to the Final Day on Saturday 28th September. This will consist of 4/5 events to test body and mind.


For the Rx Category I will assign a Limitless Games Rx to each workout – This may or may not be the official Rx. You then need to complete the workout at this level to earn Rx points. If you complete the large of your workouts at Level 3 or above then I suggest you enter the Rx category. Once entered you can only qualify for the Rx Finals. To enter the Rx category please change your first name on sugarWOD to Rx <First Name> for example my name on sugarWOD would show as Rx Jeremy Reilly


For the Scaled Category I will assign a Limitless Games Scaled to each workout – This will be one of the scaled levels. You then need to complete the workout at this level to earn Rx points. If you complete the large of your workouts at Level 2 or Below then I suggest you enter the scaled category. Once entered you can only qualify for the Scaled Finals. To enter the Scaled category please change your first name on sugarWOD to Sc <First Name> for example my name on sugarWOD would show as Sc Jeremy Reilly


This year the Masters Category has changed is starting at 40. You must be 40 or over on 1st September to be eligible for this category.  For Masters you can choose to complete at Rx or Scaled as Masters athletes that qualify for either the Rx or Scaled final will compete in this ahead of the Masters Final. Rx ranked athletes that complete the minimum work requirement will score higher points than Scaled athletes. To enter the Masters category in addition to the Rx or Scaled please put a M after your category designation. For example if I entered the Masters Rx I would put my name down as Rx M Jeremy Reilly. For Scaled I would enter my name as Sc M Jeremy Reilly


Anyone entering the individual competition will automatically qualify for the team event. The top 4 ranked athletes not qualifying will be Team captains of teams that will be seeded and drawn prior to the Final. Team Final will only take place on Saturday 28th.

Initial qualification will be decided over a series of 12 workouts that take place over the next 8 weeks. Your best 6 events will count towards your score. Scoring will be as follows:

1st: 5pts, 2nd: 4pts, 3rd: 3pts, 4th: 2pts, 5th:1pt

After the first 6 weeks depending on the number of qualifiers we may have a playoff period of 2 weeks to decide the finalists. Anyone else entering the competition will automatically qualify for a Team competition which will take place on finals day.


For athletes:

Remember to change name on sugarWOD as described on our rules page. No name change means your score won't be counted. Scores will not be retrospectively added if name is changed after workout date.

Score must be entered on sugarWOD by 11pm of the evening of the workout.

Workout must be completed at CrossFit Chiltern on the day of the workout either in a class,PT session or Open gym time. Workouts performed in Open gym time must be either videoed and posted on CC members page or judged by a member who has completed the CrossFit judges course.

I realise that having qualifiers during August is not ideal which is why the qualifying period has been extended. Next year the games will take place in the Spring as it’s new place in the calendar.

For coaches:

We have a little more flexibility as coaches may be unable to complete the workout in a class. Therefore for coaches rules are the same except that they can complete workouts outside of class time. However it must be done at CrossFit Chiltern on the day of the workout and follow the same rules as a member completing the workout in Open gym.