Only an experienced Sports massage therapist can get to the root of your pain and tension. Whether it's back pain, shoulder tension or other muscle tightness and soreness At CrossFit Chiltern we have a therapist who will find a treat the source of the problem.

Cost - £45 for an Hour or 5 x 1 Hour Massages for £200


Helen Livingstone

Sports Massage Therapist

The world of Health & Fitness was my first love - from school age right
through to reading Sports and Exercise Sciences at Birmingham
University. I just enjoy it so much! With the increasing popularity of all
things 'well-being'; it’s especially rewarding to share my passion with

Today, Massage Therapy is a major part of that passion. Treating a
wide range of clients over the last decade has shown me just how
important massage is to managing and maintaining overall fitness.

My approach starts with understanding your lifestyle and fitness
regime. Using that understanding, coupled with my expertise and
experience, I’ll work with you to find the type of massage that will
benefit you most.  

Being a single Mum of two boys I find that balancing work and home
life keeps me on my toes. Awareness of your health and fitness
challenges will motivate me to encourage and enable you to achieve
your fitness goals.

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Hannah Shepard

Sports Massage Therapist

I studied Sports Science and Injury Rehabilitation at university, where I also qualified as a gym instructor and massage therapist.

I have experience at major sporting events; such as the London marathon, The Great North run and a few other running and cycling events. I also worked in an injury rehabilitation role within a football club in York, where I would treat and set a rehab schedule for the athletes.

I like to work with clients in a post sports recovery and injury recovery aspect. I feel I can get people moving and feeling better