The NO BS Challenge 2019 starts Monday 7th January!

Following on from the success of 2018. This year we are taking the challenge a step further whilst at the same time making it more accessible. How? By using the principles of a CrossFit Workout.


AMRAP 30 (As Many Rounds (Days) As Possible) in 30 days

RX No Bread, No Booze, No Sugar. (Rx= Recommended)

Scaling Options

RX+ No Bread, No Booze, No Sugar, No Sh*t (Rx+= For the hardcore)

L3 No Booze, No Sugar (L3 = Last year’s challenge)

L2 No Booze or No Sugar (Just choose one)

L1 Challenge = L2 as an AMRAP 15 (15 days at Level 2)

AMRAP Will run from 00:00 on Monday 7th January and end at 11:59 on Wednesday 6th February.


No Bread

This includes all bread, pizzas, pittas, flatbreads, tortilla wraps etc. It also include all baked goods. (But these will probably exceed sugar targets!)

No Booze

Nothing with a higher volume than 0.5% alcohol. No liquor chocolates either!!

No Sugar

Nothing with 10g of sugar per 100g or more. Fruit is allowed up to 3 portions per day, plus 3 teaspoons of honey. However no dried fruit (dried mango is basically low guilt Haribo!)

No Sh*t

This is taking it to the ultimate level. This means no crisps, no takeaway food, no deep fried food. Anything you know isn’t good for you! If you want to add in Caffeine to this list then please note it in your workout notes.

Logging on sugarWOD

This year we will be logging each day using the members sugarWOD app. If you haven’t got this then download today via your app store. For day 1 on Monday January 7th you’ll have the opportunity to note down the level you’ll be completing the challenge at plus if you’d like you can add some notes on your body composition etc. Then each day onwards you’ll just need to tick the check box to mark that you completed that day. On Thursday 7th February you can then add in your final score and add the end result of your challenge with regards to any changes you experienced.

If you want to leave comments each day you can do so by scrolling to the bottom of the whiteboard page on sugarWOD and posting a comment. Or if you are a member you can leave comments on our members Facebook page.


This challenge could be harder than any sporting challenge you do as it requires 30 days of full commitment if you want to get a maximum score of 30. Therefore if you’d like to raise money by getting sponsors etc then please do so. This challenge is for you so please find a charity that is close to your heart for this one! All we ask is that at the end you share any great fundraising feats you’ve acheived!